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Two-wheeled roadside assistance beats traditional vehicles

In heavy traffic, a mechanic on a bike is far more efficient than a mechanic in a traditional vehicle in terms of quick roadside assistance. This is the result of the experience gained by SOS Dansk Autohjælp in using custom-made roadside assistance bikes for six months.

Prospects for steady increase in travel activity

SOS International has analysed the data and predicted the nature of travel assistance that will be required during the winter season.

Thailand — Holiday tips and good travel advice

Thailand is one of the favourite destinations for Nordic travellers. We at SOS International are ready to help travellers. Thailand travel advice from SOS International.

Roadside assistance workers to be trained on current electric car models

SOS International is training its network of roadside assistance personnel on current electric car models. A high skills level and the latest know-how for electric cars is essential to ensure the best customer experience, say SOS International.

SOS International tightens its grip on the electric car market

The electric car market is growing fast. More and more car manufacturers in various segments are launching electric vehicles. And many of them partner with SOS International for roadside assistance and claims services.

Mobility megatrends and how to meet them

In 1886 Karl Benz’ automobile revolutionised the world. Today, connected, autonomous, and shared mobility services are part of daily life and have changed the way consumers travel. At SOS International we pay attention to the mobility megatrends and plan actions to stay relevant to the market.

Travel refunds on the spot

40% of travel refunds can be handled instantly in the specific situation, shows analysis from SOS International across the company’s customers, a range of Nordic insurance companies.

Avoid injuries during your skiing holiday – start training now

A week on the slopes is tough for an untrained body. Many skiing injuries can be avoided with the right training in the months leading up to your skiing holiday. If you are going on skiing holiday in February, you should start training now.

Good advice when travelling to Tenerife and Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands offers sunshine and beaches during the cold winter months in Northen Europe, and because of that, the islands become a popular travel destination the next couple of months. Read more about how you can have a safe and relaxing holiday.

Among the very best in Europe

SOS International’s roadside assistance has been named one of the best in Europe.

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