The situation in Greece – update 1 July

Our SOS Service Office in Greece also serves as Consul of Western Crete for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and yesterday, with the support of the Nordic embassies, we hosted a meeting with representatives from all the major tour operators. The purpose was to share information about the situation and coordinate a common approach to assist all Nordic travelers in Greece. 

The tour operators inform the guests via SMS and Instagram to have more cash etc. Some fear the risk of more thefts due to a higher cash flow. This has been discussed with the hotel owners and the consulate will give an update to the local police.

The current restrictions from the banks and ATMs limiting cash withdrawals to 60 per day per person apply to Greek residents only. Foreign credit cards have no such restriction, but of course if the ATM is empty, even foreigners cannot get cash. The problem is biggest in Athens whereas the resort areas have many more ATMs with cash still. All banks are expected to be closed until after the referendum scheduled for 4-5 July 2015. Western Union is not working due to restrictions from the EU.

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