Update on the situation in Greece

Our local SOS Service Office reports that our operations in Greece run as normal.

Until now there are no signs that credit cards are not working for payments in restaurants, shops etc. Likewise there are no signs that medical providers ask for cash payment for treatment. SOS International’s system with GOPs and cashless services run as normal.

The current situation will most likely affect our operations very little, but below is a list of possible scenarios related the situation;

  • We may experience a decrease in the number of incoming cases.
  • Should it happen that Greece steps out of the Euro, it will not affect the way we handle cases, but simply mean that a new currency is introduced. The effect this might have on the pricing level is unknown.
  • The biggest challenge may eventually be a shortage of materials and the like. This will mostly affect public hospitals to begin with. SOS International already moves patients from public to private hospitals in relatively large degree and this might be necessary to apply to more cases if this problem occurs.
  • It is our assessment that private facilities will be affected to a lesser extent. Also, the local and international network of private facilities will contribute positively if deficiencies arise.
  • If assessed necessary, SOS International will move patients out of the country for treatment.

SOS International continues to follow the situation closely and we are in contact with our partners and network in the area, as well as local authorities.

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