SOS International and PayDrive in new partnership

Imagine a car insurance that matches your exact traffic behavior and adjusts the price accordingly. This is now a reality. Paydrive, a new player on the car insurance market, offers this exact product and has entered into a partnership with SOS International about this new telematics concept.

Paydrive sells car insurance where the premium is adjusted according to the driver’s driving style and mileage. When you take out insurance with Paydrive, a device is plugged into the car which follows the driver’s behavior and thereby sets the price of the insurance. If you drive according to traffic regulations and follow all the rules you will get a discount in your insurance by up to 50% and vice versa.

This new product is an exciting new approach to insurance where the conditions and pricing are customised even further to the policy holders’ needs and requirements. Moreover, it represents a new and more responsible approach to traffic safety. With this launch, Paydrive takes an active role in traffic safety and offers a product that supports better traffic behavior to the benefit of all parties; the insurance company, the policy holders, all road users and traffic safety in general.

In collaboration with the road safety organisation NTF on speed compliance, Paydrive works to improve road safety and responsible driving.

SOS International is happy to part of this new pioneering concept and will act as Paydrive’s contact centre for customers in need of roadside assistance or towing. The device that customers plug into their vehicle will in the near future also send data of vehicle status and location to SOS International’s system for even faster case handling and increased customer experience when a breakdown occurs.


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