Compliance i SOS International

Hos SOS International er kvalitet, informationssikkerhed, databeskyttelse og compliance nogle af de vigtigste parametre for vores forretnings succes. Dette fokus på compliance samt kvaliteten af vores ledelsessystem understreges af vores talrige akkrediteringer og certificeringer, herunder vores certificeringer i ISO27001 i informationssikkerhed og 9001 i kvalitetsledelse samt den nye certificering i ISO14001 vedr. miljøledelse i vores tekniske division.

SOS International er en af de få virksomheder med denne særlige kombination af ISO-certificeringer.

Vores fokus på beskyttelse af personoplysninger og informationssikkerhed understøttes af diverse politikker og interne retningslinjer med tilhørende tiltag og initiativer.

Eksempler på tiltag vedr. informationssikkerhed og certificeringen i ISO27001 er adgangs­kontrol til systemer og bygninger, netværkssikkerhed, fortrolig behandling af personoplysninger osv. Arbejdet med generel kvalitetsledelse og certificeringen i ISO9001 består bl.a. i procesoptimering af interne rutiner og risikostyring. Vores interne auditfunktion understøtter den løbende forbedring af kvalitetsarbejdet.

Respekt for miljøet, beskyttelse af menneskerettigheder herunder arbejdstagerrettigheder og fokus på antikorruption er kerneområder i vores forretningsstrategi og generelle tilgang til compliance. Denne tilgang til Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) følger principperne i det internationale CSR-initiativ, UN Global Compact. 

Vores CSR-principper er manifesteret i vores ledelsessystem samt i vores Code of Conduct og interne etiske retningslinjer. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

SOS International arbejder aktivt med CSR, hvilket skaber en positiv effekt for vores kunder, ansatte og andre interessenter. 

Disse CSR-rapporter udgør en del af ledelsens evaluering i virksomhedens årsrapporter (på engelsk).

2017 (link til pdf)

2016 (link til pdf)

2015 (link til pdf)

2014 (link til pdf)


Læs mere om vores CSR-aktiviteter

Hos SOS International er kvalitet, informationssikkerhed, databeskyttelse og compliance nogle af de vigtigste parametre for vores forretnings succes


Company Code of Conduct



To achieve our vision –

We want to be perceived as the most trusted assistance partner

– we must be committed to the highest ethical standards of business conduct.

Our Code of Conduct (the "Code") describes the compliance and ethical principles that guide our company, our employees and the interactions we have with our stakeholders. Our Code ensures that our values are reflected in our daily work and that we enhance the transparency of our activities for all stakeholder groups. Our Code reflects the business conduct that our customers will expect in the market that we operate in. It directs business practices as outlined by our corporate compliance programme and highlights potential areas of risk and conflict, prescribing guidelines of conduct for these areas.

In addition to this Code, SOS International will comply with all applicable laws, conventions and regulations.


The Code governs the business conduct of SOS International and every SOS International employee including the Directors Board, managers and each individual staff member (“employees”). When SOS International engages with outside business partners such as vendors or other service providers, they must adhere to this Code or a supplier code of conduct based on the principles of this Code.

All employees of SOS International are expected to adhere to and act according to the principles enclosed in this Code.


Non-compliance with this Code, company policies, laws, conventions and regulations and/or contractual obligations may not only have potential legal and regulatory consequences, but may also compromise SOS International's reputation. Unethical or illegal acts can never be justified. Violation of the Code may result in disciplinary actions and further employment law consequences, e.g. in the form of warning, employment termination or summary dismissal.

Compliance concerns and suspected violation of our Code can be reported to

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Inspired by the ten general principles contained in the UN Global Compact our Code includes principles regarding respect for the environment, anti-corruption and universally recognised principles on human rights, including labour rights.


SOS International is committed to respect human rights as recognised by the applicable laws, conventions and labour standards. SOS International employees shall abstain from any involvement in breaching human rights and if relevant promote human rights when working in countries where respecting human rights is not self-evident. The following standards demand respect for all individuals and consideration of the interests of all of those affected by and involved in our business

In all of our operations we

  • Condemn the use of forced labour and exploitative child labour
  • Comply with applicable laws, conventions, agreements and generally used industry standards on compensation and working hours
  • Respect employees' lawful freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Provide equal opportunity for all employees and  we do not discriminate at any level of the organisation on the basis of race, skin colour,  gender, age, religion, beliefs, national, ethnic and/or social origin, disability, sexual orientation, political views or any other legally protected characteristic
  • Pay workers a fair wage and uphold work hours and paid holiday leave according to national legislation and industry standards generally used
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment. All employees shall have actual influence in matters concerning Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and we encourage our employees to actively contribute to the development of the EHS culture in SOS International


SOS International is committed to enhancing sustainable development and our employees are expected to support and act according to our environmental strategy.

In all our operations, we strive to improve SOS International's carbon footprint by, e.g.:

  • Buying eco-friendly equipment and products
  • Reducing waste and the use of water
  • Limiting travel for the purpose of meetings and prioritising usage of video conferences
  • Promoting to our business partners, where relevant, the importance of considering the environment
  • Considering the environmental impacts of our services and where relevant communicating them to our customers and business partners


SOS International will not tolerate any form of, and will not engage in any form of, corruption or bribery for the purpose of influencing decision making in violation of law. 

We expect our employees to

  • Comply with applicable laws, conventions and regulations relating to anti-corruption and refrain from engaging in any form of bribery, corruption or extortion
  • Refrain from offering or receiving any gifts, donations or sponsorships in order to make the recipient buy SOS International’s product or services
  • To ensure that courtesies offered or provided by SOS International employees, such as gifts or entertainment, are properly reflected on our books and records
  • Observe neutrality with regard to political parties and candidates for public office. Neither the names nor the assets of SOS International shall be used to promote the interests of political parties or candidates
  • Abstain from deliberate or inadvertent involvement in money laundering which may be a reason for serious penalties for everyone involved. All financial transactions and payments must be authorised and recorded

Donations and sponsorships

We do not make any direct or indirect donations to political organisations, parties or individual politicians. We may occasionally grant donations and sponsorships to support a good cause and promote the knowledge of SOS International. Sponsoring and donations must not be used to circumvent the rules of this Code. All sponsorships are granted in a transparent manner and in accordance with our sponsorship policy.

Business Ethics

Conducting fair business practices and maintaining respectful customer relations is an essential part of the way we do business. We do not tolerate any dishonest behaviour and seek to always act with dignity and integrity.


We make decisions based on information recorded at every level of SOS International. We must record all information honestly and accurately. This includes, but is not limited to, expenses, revenues, case data and any other corporate information. All financial transactions and payments must be authorized and recorded.

SOS International business information will be communicated accurately and fully, both internally and externally. All accounting information must be correct, registered and reproduced in accordance with laws, conventions and regulations. Strict compliance with corporate accounting methods is required, as is cooperation with internal and external auditors.

Any intentional act that results in a material misstatement in financial statements will be treated as fraud.


SOS International believes that customers and society as a whole benefit from fair, free and open markets. We do not make agreements with competitors to fix prices or otherwise restrain free trade.


We have a responsibility to make decisions strictly on the basis of SOS International’s best interests. Business decisions and the provision of services may never be influenced by personal concerns and personal relations of our employees.

The key to addressing conflicts of interest is full disclosure. Employees have the responsibility to disclose any potential conflict of interest to SOS International.


Use of illegal drugs, alcohol abuse and the misuse of legal drugs create serious health and safety risks in the workplace. The possession, sale or use of illegal drugs or being under the influence of such drugs, on company time or property, or at company-sponsored events, is prohibited. Similarly, impairment from alcohol when conducting company business is also prohibited. It is important that cases regarding drug and alcohol abuse be brought to management’s attention immediately.


SOS International is committed to providing accurate and trustworthy information to the media and the public. To ensure consistent communication and compliance with SOS International’s policies, employees are prohibited from making statements to the media regarding or on behalf of SOS International unless in accordance with SOS International’s communication policy or approval has been granted by the manager of the communications department. If employees are contacted by the media they should kindly forward the request to the manager of the communications department.


Information is an important company asset which must be carefully protected. Handling sensitive information including company, customer and health information is part of our core business and all employees are obliged to keep sensitive information confidential.

  • All employees are required to accept obligations of strict confidentiality during and after their employment with SOS International. This also includes substitutes, consultants, service personnel and visitors
  • We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that we do not disclose confidential information, including confidential information belonging to our customers, to any third party without a valid business purpose and proper authorisation
  • Employees shall protect SOS International’s intellectual property rights including trade secrets. Employees shall not unlawfully use or acquire trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information of other companies
Information security

Information technology (IT) has become a strategic and competitive factor at SOS International while involving a large number of risks at the same time. This primarily includes impairment of data processing as a result of malicious programs (viruses), loss of data due to program errors or data disclosure and misuse (e.g. due to hackers). In order to ensure information security and proper safeguarding of personal data all employees shall adhere to our personal data policy and IT policies.

Contact information

In terms of questions in regard to this Code please contact:
SOS International
Nitivej 6
2000 Frederiksberg


This document is valid, approved and requires full adherence from 1 May 2016.


Supplier Code of Conduct



SOS International is committed to economic, environmental and socially sustainable development. This forms the basis of our approach to corporate social responsibility and our way of conducting our business with high integrity and ethical standards.

This Supplier Code of Conduct (this “Code”) is inspired by the ten general principles contained in the UN Global Compact. It includes respect for the environment, anti-corruption and universally recognised principles on human rights, including labour rights. SOS International wants to uphold this Code and the related instructions in a spirit of constructive dialogue and in partnership with our suppliers for the mutual benefit of both parties.


This Code governs the business relationship between SOS International and our suppliers regarding the themes corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

As a condition for doing business with SOS International, we require our suppliers to comply with the Code and related instructions. In addition, suppliers shall ensure that their sub-contractors also comply with the provisions of the Code and the related instructions.

The provisions in this Code are minimum requirements to suppliers. In addition to meeting the minimum requirements in this Code, suppliers must comply with all applicable local laws and regulations. If there are differences between the provisions of the Code and applicable laws or regulations, suppliers shall adhere to the higher requirements.

Monitoring and non-compliance

The supplier shall at SOS International’s request provide sufficient information for SOS International to ensure that the supplier is compliant with the Code and the related instructions. Such information may be disclosed to SOS International’s customers if relevant.

If this Code or the related instructions is not complied with, the supplier shall inform SOS International immediately and prepare an action plan to remedy the non-compliance.

SOS International reserves the right to consider any non-compliance by suppliers or sub-suppliers a material breach of the agreement between SOS International and the supplier.

Human Rights including Labour Rights

Suppliers are expected to support the protection of internationally recognised human rights, including labour rights, as stated in the UN International Bill of Human Rights and the UN International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

As a minimum, SOS International expects our suppliers to:

  • Condemn the use of forced labour and exploitative child labour
  • Comply with applicable laws, agreements and industry standards on compensation and working hours
  • Respect employees’ lawful freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Provide equal opportunity for all employees and not discriminate at any level of the organisation on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age, religious beliefs, social origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other legally protected characteristic
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment
Environment and climate

Suppliers must manage all significant potential and actual impacts on the environment and climate.

As a minimum, SOS International expects our suppliers to:

  • Identify aspects of the supplier’s activities, products and services that have or may have significant impact on the environment
  • Ensure legal compliance with applicable law or regulation relevant to the environmental impacts of the supplier’s activities, products and services
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets relevant to the law and significant environmental affairs, and develop action plans to achieve the stated objectives and targets
  • Ensure that activities related to the environment are conducted under specified conditions and continually monitored
  • Ensure that any person  performing tasks which have the potential to cause significant environmental impact is competent and has the proper education, training and experience to overcome the potential risk

SOS International will not tolerate any form of, and will not engage in any form of, corruption or bribery. Suppliers are required to work systematically and continually against corruption or other improper business practices.

As a minimum, SOS International requires our suppliers to:  

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to financial crimes, anti-corruption and refrain from engaging in any form of bribery, corruption or extortion
  • Abstain from deliberate or inadvertent involvement in money laundering
  • Establish and have in place adequate policies and processes to counter corrupt practices
  • Refrain from offering disproportionate donations, funding, excessive gifts and extravagant entertainment and similar improper advantages to government officials, SOS International employees, agents, representatives of other business partners etc. Courtesies must be properly reflected as such in the supplier’s books or records
  • Generally refrain from offering, promising or making facilitation payments
  • Refrain from using the name or assets of SOS International to promote the interests of political parties or candidates
  • Avoid conflict of interests and always make decisions without regard to personal concerns that could impair, or be perceived to impair, the supplier’s business judgment. Disclose conflict of interests if they occur
Business ethics

Suppliers are expected to adopt fair and respectful business practices towards all of its business relations. 

As a minimum, SOS International expects our suppliers to:

  • Provide and record all information honestly and accurately, including but not limited to expenses, revenues, data and any other corporate information. Compliance with applicable accounting methods is required, as is cooperation with internal and external auditors
  • Safeguard any confidential information and personal data. Respect and protect the individual’s right to privacy by adhering to the agreement with SOS International and the Supplier Instructions for the processing of Personal Data (for instructions, please see appendix 1)
  • Abstain from fixing prices or otherwise restraining trade
  • Refrain from using illegal drugs, abuse alcohol or misuse legal drugs when conducting business with or on behalf of SOS International
  • Make no public statements on behalf of SOS International. Always forward any requests from the media regarding SOS International to our communications department
Contact information

Questions and observations including required reporting relating to this Code shall be directed to SOS International at:
SOS International
Nitivej 6
2000 Frederiksberg


On behalf of SOS International, I hereby certify that this document is valid and has been approved by SOS International Group Management

Niels Krag Printz, CEO
September 2015.


Technical Division: Formålet med og anvendelsen af denne politik er at sikre, at SOS International løbende forbedrer kvaliteten af virksomhedens miljøledelsessystem og overordnede miljøpræstationer for divisionen SOS Technical. Omfanget af miljøledelsessystemet omfatter derfor alle aktiviteter og interessenter (interne såvel som eksterne) i relation til SOS Internationals vejhjælpstjenester.

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Politik for behandling af personoplysninger

SOS International arbejder konsekvent med at sikre beskyttelsen af dine personoplysninger. Vi arbejder bl.a. med at sikre, at du er fuldt informeret om og indforstået med, hvordan vi behandler dine personoplysninger. I denne privatlivspolitik kan du læse mere om, hvilke personoplysninger vi typisk indsamler i en sag og, hvad vi bruger dem til.

Personoplysninger hos SOS International bliver behandlet i overensstemmelse med kravene i persondatalovgivningen. SOS International er i nogle tilfælde dataansvarlig og i andre tilfælde databehandler på vegne af vores kunder, som ofte er forsikringsselskaber. I begge tilfælde overholder vi lovgivningens krav.

Til hvilke formål behandler vi?

SOS International behandler dine personoplysninger til specifikke formål:

  • Levering af vores ydelser f.eks. assistance på din rejse eller vejhjælp
  • Opfylde din anmodning om erstatning
  • Overholdelse af lovkrav
  • Forbedring af vores ydelser
  • Statistik
  • Andet

Personoplysninger, der er blevet indsamlet til ét formål, bliver ikke behandlet til et andet formål, medmindre dette er foreneligt med persondataloven eller anden lovgivning.

Hvilke oplysninger behandler vi?

SOS International behandler kontaktoplysninger såsom navn, adresse, e-mail, telefonnummer, personnummer, pasnummer, forsikringstype, policenummer og beskrivelse af, hvilken skade der er sket.

SOS International behandler derudover forskellige personoplysninger afhængig af, hvilken sag der er tale om for eksempel:

  • For sager om bilskader og vejhjælp behandler SOS International registreringsnummer på køretøjet, beskrivelse af skaden og position mv.
  • For skader i forbindelse med rejser og sundhedsydelser behandler SOS International helbredsoplysninger, oplysninger om tidligere helbredstilstande og rejseoplysninger.
  • For visse forsikringer behandler SOS International desuden kreditkortoplysninger eller kontooplysninger.

SOS International indsamler personoplysninger fra den forsikrede og dennes pårørende/medrejsende samt forsikringsselskab(er), fra vores samarbejdspartnere eller fra offentligt tilgængelige registre. SOS International kan også indsamle personoplysninger fra andre, som den forsikrede har anmodet om assistance fra. Et eksempel på sidstnævnte er, hvis en person bliver indlagt på et udenlandsk hospital.

Vi indsamler kun de personoplysninger, der er nødvendige og relevante for formålet.

SOS International kan i nogle tilfælde få brug for at videregive dine personoplysninger til andre. Dette vil oftest være vores samarbejdspartnere, der skal bruge personoplysninger for at assistere dig i din sag eksempelvis et hospital, et udenlandsk værksted eller et flyselskab. Videregivelse kan finde sted til lande uden for EU og EØS-samarbejdet, hvis lovgivning om personoplysninger er forskellig fra den europæiske.

I nogle tilfælde vil du få tilsendt en samtykkeerklæring fra SOS International. Dette vil eksempelvis være tilfældet, hvis du bliver indlagt i udlandet, eller hvis vi har behov for at indhente yderligere personoplysninger om dig. Samtykkeerklæringen vil være nødvendig for SOS International for at fortsætte sagsbehandlingen af din sag. I samtykkeerklæringen vil du få information om SOS International, formålet med behandlingen og eventuelle modtagere af dine personoplysninger m.v. Du er altid velkommen til at kontakte SOS International, hvis du har spørgsmål til din samtykkeerklæring.

SOS International kan optage telefonsamtaler til kvalitetssikring herunder dokumentation. SOS International optager også opkald via eCall. eCall er et alarmeringssystem til biler, der automatisk ringer op til SOS Internationals alarmcentral i tilfælde af en ulykke. Et begrænset antal af vores medarbejdere har adgang til optagelserne.


I nogle tilfælde vil SOS International behandle dine personoplysninger med henblik på at sende dig markedsføringsmateriale, såfremt du konkret har givet samtykke til det, f.eks. reklamer og tilbud på vores serviceydelser. Du kan altid give meddelelse, såfremt du ikke længere vil modtage markedsføringsmateriale.

Hvad er dine rettigheder?

Når dine personoplysninger er registreret, har du rettigheder efter persondataloven.

  • Du har ret til at få indsigt i dine personoplysninger.
  • Du har ret til at få unøjagtige personoplysninger rettet eller slettet.
  • Du har ret til at gøre indsigelse mod SOS Internationals behandling af dine personoplysninger.
  • Såfremt du har givet samtykke til behandling af dine personoplysninger, har du ret til at tilbagekalde dit samtykke.
  • Du har ret til at klage til Datatilsynet, såfremt du ikke mener, at SOS International efterlever persondataloven.

Hvis du ønsker at benytte dig af dine rettigheder, er du selvfølgelig velkommen til at rette henvendelse til SOS International.

Hvordan beskytter vi dine oplysninger?

SOS International er ISO-certificeret i informationssikkerhed. Det betyder, at SOS International har iværksat en række tiltag, der beskytter dine personoplysninger mod tilintetgørelse, tab, ændring og uautoriseret videregivelse af eller adgang til personoplysninger. Elektronisk opbevarede personoplysninger er kun tilgængelige for betroede medarbejdere via et personligt bruger-id og kodeord. Vores medarbejdere er underlagt tavshedspligt.

Når du har haft en sag hos SOS International, vil vi opbevare dine personoplysninger i sagen. Vi er forpligtet til at fjerne personoplysningerne igen, når opbevaring ikke længere er nødvendig. Når vi ikke længere er forpligtet til at opbevare oplysningerne, bliver sagen enten slettet eller anonymiseret.  

Links til andre hjemmesider

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Vi påtager os ikke ansvaret for indholdet på disse hjemmesider eller for deres praksis i forbindelse med indsamling af personlige oplysninger. Vi tilbyder udelukkende disse links for at gøre det lettere for vores besøgende at finde mere information om specifikke områder.

Oplysninger indsamlet via cookies

SOS International behandler personoplysninger, som er indsamlet via cookies på vores hjemmesider. Du vil altid blive informeret om anvendelsen og formålet med at indsamle oplysninger via cookies.

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Du er altid velkommen til at kontakte SOS International og høre mere om, hvordan vi beskytter dine personoplysninger.


SOS International A/S
Nitivej 6
2000 Frederiksberg
Telefon: +45 70 10 50 55


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