SOS International offers a wide range
of Healthcare solutions in terms of
coordination, prevention and treatment

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SOS International offers and administers treatment, preventive and rehabilitating healthcare services through a large internal team of healthcare staff. Absence due to illness is reduced when efficient healthcare services and support is offered to employees or policy holders.


SOS International healthcare services respond to different needs in terms of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. A large internal corps of healthcare staff focus on delivering the proper guidance and the right medical treatment. 
SOS International healthcare support covers all steps from establishing a case and coordinating the treatment process, to the payment of invoices.

Our services

Healthcare Advice

Healthcare Advice is a medical hotline handled by nurses to reach the right level of care for the policyholder. The policyholder calls the Healthcare Advice hotline and describes his/her symptoms. The nurses find the right level of care for the PH. The  result of the triage is a concrete personal advice.  

Psychological Treatment

SOS International offers both ordinary and crisis psychological counselling services. SOS International's ordinary psychological counselling services are available daily during office hours to aid insurance holders in overcoming mental health issues and provide treatment of identified psychological conditions before they aggravate.

Our crisis psychological  services are available to insurance holders 24/7/365, providing tele-counseling during acute crises, and arranging for continued psychological support in the aftermath of crisis.

Employee Assistant Programmes

SOS International's Employee Assistant Programmes offer help to policy holders who is undergoing life crises, by securing the right professional help, always embracing the model of lowest level of efficient care.

psychologists in our Nordic network
cases handled in 2018
Calls in 2018 related to psychology, physical treatment and other counseling
Percentage of all psychology cases related to stress

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