Crisis, Risk & Security - Assistance to companies operating home and abroad, expats and business travellers

The world is changing and countries and travel destinations that have ordinarily been considered safe are not necessarily safe any longer. Consequently, many companies are potentially exposed to security risks and threats when operating abroad, but also at home.

This increased risk level calls for increased demands for integrated medical and security assistance. However, handling security risks are often complex and demanding and all companies must address their Duty of Care responsibilities and discuss ethical, moral and legal concerns to secure the company, the employee and the employee's family if exposed to a security or crisis situation. The aim is to make sure they are protected, safe and informed in order to return to work as quickly as possible.

Duty of Care 

SOS International helps companies address their Duty of Care responsibilities. Duty of Care refers to the legal, ethical or moral responsibility or obligation of companies and organisations towards their employees to maintain their safety and well-being. SOS International deals with security and crises situations immediately and anywhere in the world, home as well as abroad - 24/7/365, for example

  • Single localised events, for example hotel fire
  • Outbreak of major hostilities, for example political riots or terror acts
  • Natural hazards and disasters, for example earth quakes
  • Evacuations, both medical and security
How are countries and regions rated and what does it mean to me?

Behind each risk rating is a thorough analysis process including gathering of data and information from various sources and processing of same.

In the analysis phase the following topics are especially in focus: Crime, Terrorism, Conflict, Political, Kidnap and Infrastructure. 

After having rated each category it accumulates into an overall risk rating which can be low, medium or high.

Risk levels

Low risk
There are no known and/or significant security threats. General sound precautions are still advised.

For example: Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom.

Medium risk
There are known security threats in the country but they are not considered to be significant and/or widespread. Enhanced precautions and awareness is advised.

For example: Chile, Thailand and Albania.


High risk 
There are known and significant security threats in the country. Travellers should be extra vigilant and ensure an appropriate security set-up.


For example: Libya, Afghanistan and Syria.


Crisis, Risk & Security is designed to help companies prepare, plan and care for employees, who require acute assistance because of a crisis abroad.

Before an incident

SOS International helps the company identify possible risks and outline crisis response structures, roles and guidelines on a strategic, tactic and operational level:

  • Company Security Policy
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • World wise risk portal
  • Security advise

With help from a worldwide network and experienced experts, SOS International analyses, evaluates and provides reports on the general medical and security situation, including details on hospitals, clinics, evacuation plans etc.:

  • Country reports
  • Risk assessment
  • Security audit
  • Site survey

SOS International offers training and courses that prepare all levels of the organisation for travel activities in both low-, medium- and high-risk countries:

  • Travel Security Awareness Training (TSAT)
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Rehearsals and Exercises
  • Setting up a Crisis Management Team and Crisis Management Response
  • Next of Kin Response
During an incident

Should a crisis or incident occur, SOS International provides the assistance and coordination to help the employee on site:

  • Crisis Management Response
  • Security evacuation
  • Next of Kin Response
  • Acute Security Advise
After an incident

After an incident, SOS International assists in debriefing employees, reviews the organisational security set-up and procedures in order to update these with lessons learned and valuable add-ons:

  • Review of Plans and Procedures
  • Debriefing

Medical and Security Information Portal

Companies will get access to a Medical and Security Information Portal with individual user log-in.

The portal gives relevant information on both medical and security issues including preferred hospitals, clinics etc. from SOS International’s Providers database.

Which Crisis, Risk & Security services does SOS International offer?

SOS International acts as one point of contact and offers a broad range of tailored solutions that provide the company quick access to a range of  services before, during and after a security or crisis situation:

  • Strategic and operational plans
  • Preventive tools, training and exercises
  • Assistance onsite during an incident
  • Access to review plans and procedures
  • Debriefing and other post-crisis tool

Access to global network

SOS International cooperates and partners up with a global network of security providers and medical assistance companies worldwide.

Why choose SOS International as your Crisis, Risk & Security service partner?

  • Assistance 24/7/365 – before, during and after a crisis situation
  • Scandinavian language and cultural competencies at the alarm centre
  • Assistance coordinators with language skills spanning more than 37 languages
  • A large international network of suppliers
  • Information portal and a high level of digital integration with customers
  • ISO compliant processes or similar quality standards.
  • Procedures ensuring confidential handling of personal data
  • Supplier selection according to the SOS International Supplier Code of Conduct based on the ten principles for human rights, labour, anti-corruption and environment in the UN Global Compact
  • White label solutions

Travel Security Portal & App

Medical and Security Information Portal

Companies will get access to a Medical and Security Information Portal with individual user log-in.

The portal gives relevant information on both medical and security issues including preferred hospitals, clinics etc. from SOS International’s Providers database.

SOS Safetravel - A short guide on important things to keep in mind when travelling abroad. 

Read more here


Would you like to learn more?

SOS International offers Crisis, Risk and Security services with one point of contact and a scalable setup, which is based on a transparent cost structure(pay-per-use) with no membership costs.


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Download Crisis, Risk & Security - operating at home - short version
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SOS International assists immediately and anywhere and acts as one point of contact.

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