Our International Network

SOS International's assistance is carried out in collaboration with a worldwide medical network of carefully selected suppliers and partners including hospitals, clinics, ambulance companies, foreign assistance companies and embassies.

Our network is present all over the world and we thoroughly evaluate, rate and quality assure all our partners to ensure the best possible quality treatment to the end-users and the best possible claims cost level for our customers.

SOS International is handling a high volume of claims every year. This allows a substantial bargaining power and results in favourable financial price agreements with our partners.

Years of experience and knowhow of local price levels all over the world give SOS International a very good idea of the price level for a treatment, medical transport or other services. This ensures the lowest possible claim costs for clients.

To provide the best possible assistance and transportation worldwide, SOS International has centralised knowledge and experience in the shared database Providers. All information about our global network is collected in this database.

Providers is an advanced system specially designed and developed by SOS International to meet specific needs around the clock, as well as sharing knowledge between the main office in Copenhagen and SOS International sister companies in Scandinavia and worldwide. It holds information and quality evaluations of the worldwide network of providers and partners.

The supplier database enables SOS International and clients to always select the best solution in any situation. A continuous benchmarking and evaluation of existing as well as potential business partners is always carefully carried out. SOS International requires effectiveness, loyalty and cost-consciousness from business partners.

Furthermore, professionalism, clear and transparent business procedures, and rapid payment are crucial to our services.
Providers also contains all necessary background information and pro-active set ups to allow SOS International to make the right decision in any possible situation: advise customers on specific subjects or geographical areas; recommend the best hospitals or specialists in every country; arrange the best and fastest evacuation; solve logistic problems; repatriate goods; arrange visas, etc.

For enquiries regarding partnerships, business opportunities and questions in general, please contact us at internationalnetwork@sos.eu 

For Medical Facilities

Contact SOS International immediately if an individual, covered by a private insurance policy handled by SOS International applies for medical assistance during a trip.

Report the case via the Suppliers' Network or by telephone – or fill in a claims form that can either be faxed or scanned and sent as an e-mail attachment.

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