A full-service collaborative partner within healthcare

Offering a wide range of healthcare solutions

SOS International is a full-service collaborative partner within healthcare. We supply services to Nordic insurance companies and municipalities, amongst others, and we offer a wide range of services focusing, in particular, on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Prevention: Services focusing on preventing and avoiding that the patient’s situation develops and becomes worse
  • Treatment: Services addressing and handling planned and acutely arisen situations and ensuring treatment as well as remedial action being taken
  • Rehabilitation: Services providing post-treatment support and assisting in the patient’s return to good health/a good life

A significant internal body of legitimate advisors and treatment providers focuses on providing the right guidance and treatment. Through our large network of health professionals, we meet the client’s need for efficient healthcare and support, provided on behalf of our customers.

We offer face-to-face consultations and treatment as well as distance consultations and treatment, e.g. by video and telephone. Our services cover all steps in the process from setting up a case through coordination of the treatment to payment of invoices and, naturally, measuring the effectiveness of the treatment as well as customer satisfaction.   

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Anders Nilsson
Head of Commercial, Healthcare Division
Tel 0046 (0) 703 81 98 40

Right Level of Care

At SOS International, treatment commences at our counselling centre. Our counselling centre is staffed by experienced healthcare professionals who, based on the needs of the client, refer clients to the correct treatment.

We offer:

  • Manning 24/7/364
  • All or certain services as white label
  • Optional, dedicated telephone number
  • Simple yet flexible communication channels
  • Nordic languages
  • Professional case management

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A digital partner

Digitalisation is an integral part of all processes and services. The customer experience is important to us and we offer a wide range of treatment option channels. This means that the counselling centre collaborates with a treatment provider to carefully assess the channel through which treatment is best provided:

  • Telephone
  • Video
  • Face-to-face – either within our network or at a clinic
  • Digital solutions – e.g. digital screening followed by online self-help programmes
About our counselling centre

Our counselling centre is manned by trained and authorised healthcare professionals:

  • Physical counselling centre: Staffed by physiotherapists and chiropractors
  • Psychological counselling centre: Staffed by psychologists
  • Medical counselling centre: Staffed by healthcare professionals where the customer is always connected to a competent advisor whose competences match the issue in question

Our services


SOS International has many years’ experience in general psychological treatment and psychological treatment in crises. We have a competent Nordic network and provide all types of services within psychological treatment to public corporations, the insurance and pension industries, amongst others.

We offer our customers:

  • Professional case management via digital platform
  • Smooth and simple customer journey
  • A network of professional and experienced psychologists and crisis psychologists
  • Offer of general psychological treatment
  • Acute psychological assistance as well as crisis psychology and 24/7 crisis preparedness (group as well as individual crisis management).
  • Supervision and coaching of staff in relation to professional and psychosocial issues
  • Telephone consultation and/or face-to-face consultation depending on the complexity of the issue
About general and acute psychology

We refer clients to psychological treatment on behalf of our customers.

When the client is referred for treatment, the advisory centre and the client carry out a screening together to determine need based on the conversation.

General psychological assistance

  • We offer highly qualified, individual treatment at our own clinic or by a local psychologist
  • Our psychologists handle shorter as well as longer courses of treatment
  • The maximum number of consultations available to a client is agreed and set out in a contract with the customer
  • Group treatment is offered, e.g. when professional supervision is required, in case of job dissatisfaction or other issues based in the working environment
  • Treatment may be provided by way of telephone consultations or may be conducted on a face-to-face basis. The treatment is always provided by the same psychologist to ensure continuity
  • The psychological treatment is always based solely on evidence-based and verified treatment methods

Acute psychological assistance

  • Consultations will often be limited to 1 to 3 consecutive consultations
  • If there is a need for additional consultations, it is no longer a question of acute psychological assistance but rather general psychological assistance in which case subsequent consultations may be spread out over time
  • SOS International also offers group consultations in connection with acute crisis psychological treatment (debriefing and defusing).
About crisis psychology and crisis preparedness

SOS International has the experience and competences required to deal with complex and more general crisis assistance and may provide specialised assistance at short notice.

We offer our customers

  • A professional corps of crisis psychologists
  • Significant experience from national and international crises
  • Our own separate and network-based crisis preparedness across the Nordic region
  • Activation of crisis assistance
  • Coordination of crisis assistance as well as support and guidance for e.g. families
  • Follow-up on crises and critical incidents
Our psychologist network

We have a professional network of psychologists covering the entire Nordic region:

  • Our network represents a wide range of psychological approaches, e.g. child psychology, organisational psychology, neuropsychology, abuse professionals, etc.
  • As a starting point, we cover the entire country and reflect population density
  • We provide national as well as international crisis assistance

Physical treatment

SOS International provides physical treatment on behalf of Nordic insurance providers and municipalities. SOS International has a significant Nordic network of professional physical treatment providers. 

We offer our customers:

  • Professional case management via digital platform
  • Smooth and simple customer journey
  • A network of experienced physiotherapists, chiropractors and manual therapists
  • Treatment within the network
  • Treatment provided by own clinic/treatment provider
  • Distance treatment, e.g. video or self-help programmes
Our network of physiotherapists, chiropractors and pain specialists

As an SOS International customer, you have access to carefully chosen partners in physical treatment who provide efficient and high-quality treatment in relation to patient requirements.

We offer several treatment options, e.g. physical treatment within the network or at your own clinic/treatment provider as well as the option of distance treatment, e.g. via video or web-based home training programmes.

Our network is national and covers the entire Nordic region.

Medical advice

We provide a medical hotline where nurses assist clients with identifying the right treatment. The client contacts SOS International either digitally or by telephone and describes the symptoms and the nurse then identifies the correct level of treatment as well as the correct treatment. The result is a high-quality treatment process.

We offer:

  • Medical advice and guidance
  • Booking of medical treatment within the SOS International network of treatment providers, clinics and hospitals
  • Coordination and follow-up on patients from start to completion
  • Clear contact for care and treatment regardless of the issue(s)


During the past 10 years, we have worked with telephone consultations. Our experience is that up to 30% of issues are resolvable directly by telephone

Business Development Manager, SOS International

Established Nordic provider of healthcare services

SOS International is an established Nordic provider of healthcare services. We are a supplier to, among others, insurance companies and municipalities, and we offer several services with a focus on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our professional network is built up in such a way as to cover geographically the entire country and the whole Nordic region. We have a focus on providing the right competencies for the right treatment.

We are always looking for competent therapists for our network

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Anders Nilsson
Head of Commercial, Healthcare Division
Tel 0046 (0) 703 81 98 40

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