Claims & consent forms


Claim forms (pdf) in various language versions can be downloaded below. These can be used for cases covered by private insurance.

Print the form and fill it in, then fax, or scan and attach the document to an e-mail, to SOS International.

Claims form

Claims form for batch billing

Consent forms

When you make a request for payment from your insurance company, you are obligated to provide your insurance company with all available and relevant information.

SOS International acts on behalf of your insurance company, and you are therefore obligated to provide SOS International with all information of importance for the assessment of your case and determining the indemnity.

Consent declaration (in English)

Consent declaration (in Danish)

Consent declaration (in Swedish)

Consent declaration (in Norwegian)

Consent declaration (in Finnish)

Consent declaration (in Islandic)

Consent declaration (in Estonian)

Consent declaration (in Latvian)

Consent declaration (in Lithuanian)