SOS International and the Danish Regions offer free rapid tests - without the need for an appointment.

Quick test results

Get the result of the COVID-19 test in 15 minutes

High accurcy of the test

Sensitivity of 96 %
Specificity of 99 %

A safe testing experience

We have your data under control and our medical standards are second to none.

SOS International is an experienced, qualityminded supplier of travel and medical assistance to Nordic insurance companies

A rapid and accurate test is a crucial tool in the fight against COVID-19. At SOS International, you can have a test without a doctor's referral and receive an answer in 15 minutes.

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About our rapid test:

  • New and more gentle rapid tests are being introduced. From 3 March, only the new type of test will be used.
  • We use CE-marked rapid tests from Biosynex and SD Biosensor, respectively
  • The test is an antigen test performed by nasal swabbing
  • We hand the test results to the Danish health authorities
  • A rapid test will only diagnose whether a person has contracted COVID-19. The test will not constitute a general diagnosis of the symptoms experienced by the person corresponding to that which patients would receive from their own doctor
  • Our test has a sensitivity within 96 % and a specificity of 99 %. This means that the probability of a false positive test result is very small. No tests are 100 % certain but our tests are of a very fine certainty that is close to the publicly performed laboratory tests.

Practical information:

  • Please bring your ID – such as your national health insurance card
  • The result of your test is available within 15 minutes. You will receive the result by text message within an hour. If the result is positive, we will call you.
  • Outdoor waiting time may occur. Remember warm clothes and possibly and umbrella.
  • Show care and consideration for our neighbours. Use the bins to dispose of used face masks.
  • Always follow the guidelines provided by the Danish Health Authority both before and after being tested, regardless of the test result:
  • If you are in close contact with an infected person, or if you suffer symptoms of COVID-19, you must have a PCR test at a Testcenter Danmark test station.
Who can have a test at SOS International?

All residents with a CPR number and over the age of 12 can have a free COVID-19 rapid test with SOS International.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt and must not be given a rapid test.

Children between the ages of 12 and 15 must be accompanied by one of their parents or another adult. Children must be able to ensure that the test can be voluntarily performed.

If you are in close contact with an infected person, or if you suffer symptoms of COVID-19, you must have a PCR test at a Testcenter Danmark test station. For more information, refer to the Danish Health Authority


Can the test be used as a corona passboard for travel abroad?

SOS International cannot guarantee that our COVID-19 certificate will be accepted as a valid test result for all destinations. We advise that you keep abreast of the local travel advisories.

Can foreign citizens have a test?

Yes. Foreign citizens can also have a free rapid test

Does SOS International also perform antibody tests?

SOS International also offers antibody tests.

An antibody test shows whether you have formed antibodies against COVID-19 and thus has a significantly reduced risk of suffering a new COVID-19 infection.

The antibody test is not part of the agreement with the Danish Regions.

If you would like an antibody test, you need to  make an advance payment via this link

Does SOS International perform rapid tests for companies?

At the moment it is not possible to make company agreements with SOS International about rapid testing of employees

How SOS International processes your personal data

Learn more about how SOS International processes your personal data here

Contact us at +45 3848 9656

Our telephones are open every day:
07:00 – 22:00

Travel restrictions
If you are planning to travel abroad it is recommended to follow the advice given by your Ministry of Foreign Affair.

See the current travel guides at the Nordic Foreign Ministries:

Denmark: Udenrigsministeriet
Norway: Utenriksdepartementet
Sweden: Utrikesdepartementet
Finland: Ulkoministeriö

SOS International keeps updated on instructions from Nordic authorities and local authorities at the destinations where there are special circumstances. Operations follow the instructions from authorities at all times and the applicable conditions from the insurance companies.

New Confirmed cases per date

The number of new cases is constantly updated and can be seen at the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control

Risk of spread

WHO, World Health Organization, has increased the assessment of the risk of spread and the risk of impact of COVID-19 to very high at a global level.

For daily updates, visit WHO’s website

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Muscle pain
  • Tiredness

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