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A series of text messages forms an integral part of the roadside assistance of SOS International in Norway. The series of text messages is a digital solution, which creates a feeling of security and reduces the experienced wait time and is an example of how SOS International is always focusing on the customer journey and on developing new digital roadside assistance services.

Our modern society is changing and is becoming increasingly digitalised. The series of text messages, which updates the end-user on his or her roadside assistance status is an example of how SOS International adapts to prevailing technologies by focusing on the digital customer journey:

”SOS International always focus on the customer journey. We do that by developing relevant, digital roadside assistance services, which help to create a greater feeling of security in the assistance situation and thus an improved customer experience and improved customer satisfaction,” says Richard Waitz, Commercial Director with SOS International in Norway 

Safety through ongoing updates
Part of the series of text messages is made up of the convenient and easily available solution ’Follow my truck’. This provides the end-user with a possibility of following the status of the location of the roadside assistance vehicle.

You can break down any time and any place and with this solution, which is adapted to individual needs, the end-user receives a text message with a link to a map. On the map the positions of the user as well as the roadside assistance vehicle are marked, and, in that way, the end-users may follow the progress of the roadside assistance vehicle – from the time when the roadside assistance is requested to the arrival of the roadside assistance vehicle at the break-down location.

”You are very rarely prepared for a break-down and if you are that unfortunate, you do not need to first download an app or set up a log-in on a website. We take over and make the situation easier to cope with by sending you a text message,” says Kasper Lassen, Head of Nordic Business Development with SOS International and continues: 

”With ”Follow my truck” the end-user is given a status of the distance between the roadside assistance vehicle and his or her own position. This status very much helps to balance expectations, reduce the wait time experienced and provide a broad view of an often unexpected and frustrating situation.”

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