SOS International installs mobile charging station for electric vehicles

As the third European country, SOS International in Norway has installed a mobile charging station for use on electric vehicles into our Oslo service vehicle. If your battery runs flat and you do not present an obstacle to other traffic – some distance from the nearest charging station, SOS International, may assist the end-user by charging the vehicle sufficiently to enable it to reach the nearest charging station.

This is a conscious strategy in the SOS International environmental profile which places value on quality, sustainability and the environment throughout the value chain.

We endeavour to provide as much assistance on-site as possible and make every effort to ensure that the vehicle does not require towing. In this way, we avoid further CO2 emissions and save time for the motorist.

In the first instance, the service is made available to Norwegian end-users in the Oslo area.

Roadside assistance provider with environmental certification
As the only roadside assistance provider in the Nordic region, SOS International is ISO14001-certified in environmental management across the Nordic markets.

Learn more about ISO14001 in environmental management here

Learn more about our environmental policy here

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