24/7 assistance for users of electric car charging stations

From its alarm center in Oslo, SOS International provides technical support to users of charging stations for electric vehicles. This service is an example of how SOS International’s dynamic and scalable organisation can offer 24/7 customer support and services tailored to our customers' needs.

As part of its partnership with EVBox, SOS International provides around-the-clock assistance to electric car users on behalf of NAF in Norway and FDM in Denmark as well as in Sweden, when they have questions or experience problems with a charging station. SOS International provides support and guidance and solves simple technical queries regarding the charging stations over the phone.

Through this service, SOS International extends a sense of security in hectic situations and ensures good customer experience on behalf of EVBox.

For example, SOS International employees can troubleshoot and reset a charging station, thus ensuring that the charger quickly and efficiently returns to normal operation. As a result, the driver can charge the electric car easily and quickly, thus saving time and avoiding waiting to be contacted by a technical electrician.

Electric vehicle expertise at the alarm center and in the network
The electric vehicle market in Norway is growing, and as more consumers are switching to electric vehicles, SOS International focuses on expanding and utilizing expertise regarding electric vehicles:

“We already provide roadside assistance for electric vehicles, for example with our mobile charging station housed in our service vehicle in Oslo. With this new collaboration, we combine our expertise in electric vehicles with our experience in 24/7 customer service to create the optimal customer experience,” says Richard Waitz, Commercial Director for SOS International in Norway.

A total of more than 70 dedicated employees work at the alarm center in Oslo assisting end-users in Norway and abroad on behalf of our membership, insurance and mobility customers. SOS International provide services connected to roadside assistance and other insurance-related damages, for example, damages to homes and furnishings.

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The agreement with EVBox is part of SOS International’s collaboration with ARC Europe on behalf of NAF in Norway and FDM in Denmark.For more information, please visit evbox.com 

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