Health screening: A powerful tool for promoting health and prevention

Over the summer, SOS International has launched a new and improved health screening as part of its strategy to promote health. The purpose is to intelligently promote health and create value for individual employees, companies as well as insurance and pension companies.

A health screening is a tool which provides the individual user with a quick status on his or her health and lifestyle as well as the risk of any lifestyle diseases. By answering a number of questions online, the user is given a status of his or her personal health status.

The health screening focuses on areas such as sleep, diet, smoking, alcohol intake, exercise as well as physical working environment and mental wellbeing.

For this reason, the result - including targeted and individually adapted recommendations - forms a good basis for taking a stand on habits and setting personal goals for health and wellbeing.

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Why is a health screening a good investment?
For the individual users, the value lies in gaining an insight into their own health and wellbeing which may be a motivator for change. Similarly, the targeted recommendations, inspiration and advice provided may assist them to prioritise where to take action.

For the company, this is a tool in their work on general wellbeing and health in the workplace. The company may receive an anonymised and general overview of the general health profile of the company which can form the basis for decisions relating to investments in health and, thus, increase the wellbeing of the employees.

For insurance and pension companies, the above also supports their general work on and development of health insurances as well as, not least, the prevention of disability.

National evidence for national solutions
University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is behind the evidence in the questionnaire which is locally founded with partners in Sweden. Moreover, SDU will update the questionnaire with new knowledge of health and new evidence on an ongoing basis.

Currently, the solution has been launched on the Swedish and Danish market but can be rolled out in the entire Nordic region.

The solution may be adapted to different customer requirements and may focus on different areas and, therefore, the expectation is that, in the longer term, it may be used in several contexts such as a tool for benchmarking results and online booking of services.

If you wish to learn more, please contact your Key Account Manager or contact SOS International’s Healthcare Division – contact information is found here.

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