Unlucky tourists can now get a "house call" by a doctor at popular holiday destinations

With House Call Service, SOS International meets the need of many travellers to have a doctor visit them at their hotel or holiday home in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

It is a pity to fall ill on your vacation. It is even worse if you have to travel far by taxi or public transport to a hospital or medical clinic in order to be examined by a doctor.

This is why SOS International is now expanding its cooperation with local partners, so that in some cases unfortunate travellers can get a house call by a doctor at their hotel or holiday home instead of having to travel in order to visit a doctor.

“It is not always advisable to go for a long drive when you or your child feel really sick. Therefore, we would like to offer this extra service of sending a doctor or nurse to your location,” says Karin Tranberg, Head of Medical Division at SOS International.

SOS International expects that older people and families with children in particular will opt for the new House Call Service. As usual, travellers must call SOS International's alarm centre in case of illness. The alarm centre in Copenhagen assesses whether the patient can benefit from being monitored and treated by a doctor at their hotel.

House calls are expected to be relevant in connection with, among other things, stomach infections, where it is extremely uncomfortable to have to travel.

The new House Call Service will make its début in connection with the autumn holiday, when many families with children go on holiday. October is also the beginning of the high season for seniors' travel.

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