Video psychology: Increased flexibility and accessibility to the advantage of clients

Video consultations are to contribute to increasing the accessibility and flexibility for individuals in need of psychological counselling.  

Based in the ambition of being present where its clients are and adapting services to clients’ needs, SOS International has launched video consultations as part of its psychological counselling services.

Video consultations are a new platform and a supplement to the existing treatment platform which simultaneously opens for the possibility of offering different treatment packages with a combination of physical, telephonic or video-based consultations.

Barriers are broken down
There may be several mental, physical or logistical barriers to seek psychological treatment. By way of example, you may be physically prevented from attending or you may live in an area where the travel time to the nearest treatment facility is significant. Finally, it may be mentally challenging for some to leave their usual surroundings.

Offering video consultations, whether completely or in part, adds flexibility to the treatment that can be given at a time which suits the client better. It is simpler and may provide faster access which contributes to increase the overall comfort for a significant number of clients.

Video consultations may also help reduce any waiting time for clients who need to consult a specialist psychologist. If the expertise is available within the SOS International network but not in the local area of the client, we may thus strengthen the match of psychologist and client by making the corresponding treatment available through video consultations.

Who is offered this solution?
In principle, the solution may be offered to anyone; however, it may advantageously be used in contexts of light to moderate psychological issues. At the same time, our experience dictates that video consultations may be used with great advantage in connection with counselling aimed at preventative efforts and at follow-up. It is also possible to use video consultations as a direct supplement to ordinary treatment, e.g. prior to or after physical consultations where the psychologist and the client meet up.

SOS International specialists always carry out a thorough screening of all enquiries and it is proposed to use the method when this is professionally expedient in relation to an overall treatment plan.

The clients who have so far availed themselves of video consultations have provided positive feedback in relation to receiving supplementary treatment via video.  

Distance treatment makes headway
To date, psychology and therapeutic clinical exchanges have been challenged by a lack of technological opportunities and poor technical quality. For these reasons, it has been a great challenge to conduct treatment via video.

As technology has significantly improved, it has gained a steadily stronger foothold. Most recently, experience from a major study in Finland and Sweden has shown that distance treatment, such as video consultations with a psychologist, produces very positive results.    

In the near future, in its endeavours to strengthen its total treatment options offered, SOS International launches video treatment and video counselling for the benefit of both customers and end users. The option has been available on the Swedish market for some time but is now also offered in the other Nordic markets. 

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