Around-the-clock claims handling

SOS International has joined its claims handling department with its alarm centre for travel assistance. This merger provides an improved flow in the customer journey and means, amongst others, that case management is started and completed in the same department.

The hitherto sharp division of the alarm centre and the claims handling department has proved to be an obstacle to the synergy that arises when the same group of employees provides both travel assistance and claims handling. For this reason, claims handling and the alarm centre were merged into one department this summer.

The merger took place at the end of a period showing a decline in the number of cases at the alarm centre due to the corona crises while the claims handling department was facing the challenge of a huge number of cancellation cases.

- We have now spent a couple of months on implementing the merger and we are able to conclude that it makes really good sense. Not just for SOS International, because we are able to place the tasks where we have the resources, but to a large extent also for our customers and the injured, says Ola Magnevall, Head of Quality & Operational Excellence, who is responsible for maintaining the professional quality of the department.

The change means that the employees at the alarm centre can now advise and deal with claims within the entire travel insurance spectrum around the clock.

- If you need a doctor, if your rental property gets damaged, or you need to cancel a trip, then we can now advise and treat claims regardless of the time of day. This means that injured get answers when they need it, and that our customers receive fewer inquiries, says Ola Magnevall.

Education ensures quality
To ensure the continued high quality of claims handling, alarm centre employees have been trained in insurance technique. The internal training courses have been organised by Ola Magnevall and the aim is that employees will continuously be given the opportunity to attain more modules to increase their insurance-related competences.

- We have adapted our organisation and this means that we are now able to offer both travel assistance and claims handling on a 24/7 basis. This benefits our customers because we ensure a common thread in our case management. At the same time, our goal is to provide the injured with an experience of meeting fewer employees during the handling of their case, says Karin Tranberg, Executive Vice President, Travelcare, SOS International.

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