COVID-19: Air travel may affect those previously infected

The lung function of persons who have been sick due to COVID-19 may be reduced and this may cause complications during air travel. A medical preassessment clarifies insurance cover in the event of health problems.

COVID-19 is a new illness for medical science, and it is - as yet - uncertain whether the illness may lead to long-term effects such as reduced lung function. And if you suffer from respiratory issues, air travel may aggravate the condition.

Now, that Swedes, Norwegians, and Danes to a greater extent than previously are able to travel abroad, SOS International encourages persons previously infected with COVID-19 to consider a medical pre-assessment.

- As it is still uncertain whether the illness causes long-term side-effects, we believe that the safest option is to have a aeromedical assessment if you have been infected with COVID-19, says Karin Tranberg, Executive VP of the Travelcare Division, SOS International.

Aeromedical assessment
A medical preassessment provides the individual with a general idea of the cover of their travel insurance in case of sickness while on holiday. If you suffer from chronic ailments that have been not entirely stable in the months prior to departure, it could be a good idea to have a medical preassessment prior to setting out. This also applies to persons who have been infected with COVID-19 because there is uncertainty as to the long-term effects on lung function.

- Your own doctor is not always best placed to assess what air travel and a journey may mean to your health or the risks to which you may expose yourself on the journey. The doctors at SOS International are able to do so because they have had aeromedical training, amongst others, says Karin Tranberg.

SOS International also encourages travellers to be aware of the cover and terms of their travel insurance, as cover may be limited if you do not adhere to the travel advice of the authorities.

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