COVID-19: Comprehensive preparations and timely adjustments

In the last few months, COVID-19 has affected our ways of living and it has affected industries and companies worldwide, not least SOS International.

SOS International was well prepared prior to the crisis and initiated extraordinary measures in due time based on internal Business Continuity Plans and ongoing adjustments to the situation.

The Corona crisis has affected all business areas of SOS International in all the Nordic countries.

In the early stages of the crisis, the Travelcare alarm centre experienced a major increase in incoming cases, and the extra volume was handled well.

The Travelcare Division is particularly affected by the pandemic and its consequences due to, among other things, travel restrictions that have led to an acute drastic decline in the number of travel assistance cases at the alarm centre.

However, we still maintain the full range of 24/7 assistance services even though the activity level has dropped to about 10% of the normal activity level. We continue to service our customers as always and the organisation is ready when activity rises again.

The activity level in Mobility has been affected after the closing of schools, institutions, public sector, events and limitation of personal interaction and encouragement to work from home for a large part of the private sector in most of the Nordic countries.

We however expect this to regain its prior level of activity, in particular when it comes to national assistance services. We expect the decrease in international cases to continue for some time yet.

For our Healthcare business area, the activity level has declined, in particular within Denmark and Norway. We have also had a significant shift to more remote treatments and opened, with a number of customers, special counselling to address Covid-19 related issues. We now expect to see an increased volume in the coming period proportionally with the Nordic governments’ gradual reopening of parts of the society, especially in Denmark and Norway.

SOS International has focused on showing timely care and has continuously acted in accordance with the circumstances as the pandemic developed. SOS International is a debt-free company with very strong liquidity and equity as well as a very strong group of shareholders in the form of the largest insurance companies in the Nordic region.

We continue to service our customers as always and the organisation is ready when activity rises again.

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