COVID-19: This worries Nordic travellers

Since late January, the SOS International alarm centre has registered more than 1000 enquiries from Nordic travellers on the issue of coronavirus. This number has increased dramatically in the past week. One-third of enquiries have concerned symptoms or the fear of infection.

COVID-19 gives cause to many questions, especially before, during and after a journey. At the SOS International alarm centre, travellers can receive answers to questions 24/7 on what to do if they are abroad and experience flu-like symptoms.

30 percent of the enquiries received by the alarm centre about the coronavirus concern symptoms or the fear of infection. More general enquiries about COVID-19 make up 25 percent of the enquiries. This category covers all enquiries where there is no actual suspicion of infection. Since January, fewer enquiries in this category have been received which seems to indicate that, since January, Nordic travellers have become better informed.

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- When we receive enquiries from insured abroad, who may be infected, we carry out a screening. We ask about the symptoms and clarify whether the individual is or has been in an area of risk, and whether the individual has been in close contact with others who are infected or are suspected to be infected. If there is reason to be examined, we can provide information on where to go, depending on the country and region in question, says Karin Tranberg, Executive VP of SOS International.

Many insurance-related questions
Specifically travellers to and from Italy, China, Thailand, Austria and the Canary Islands contact the alarm centre about COVID-19.

SOS International staff always follow the guidelines issued by the Nordic authorities and the local authorities at the destinations when replying to questions and providing guidance on COVID-19.

Apart from questions about infection and symptoms, the alarm centre staff answer a vast number of questions relating to insurance. These are questions concerning the position of the caller in cases where flights are cancelled, cancellation of bookings and changed routes. A smaller number of enquiries concern travellers who would like to return from their destination. Questions relating to insurance terms are clarified in collaboration with the individual insurance companies depending on their specific terms.

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