SOS International offers quick test for COVID-19

Quick and accurate testing is a crucial tool in combating COVID-19. SOS International will now enter the test market and offer a quick test, providing an answer within 15 minutes.

Rather than wait several days for an answer as to whether you have been infected with COVID-19, companies and private individuals will now be able to purchase a quick test from SOS International and receive an answer in 15 minutes.

The present public testing strategy means that several days can pass before you have been tested and have received an answer as to whether you have contracted COVID-19. In the meantime, you have to be isolated and is therefore unable to attend work, school or day-care.

- The waiting period is expensive: To the individual who uses both holidays and personal days on waiting for an answer; to companies who have to do without employees during the waiting period and, ultimately, to society, says Karin Tranberg, Executive VP, Travelcare at SOS International.

This is the reason why SOS International has entered into a strategic collaboration to offer European-produced antigen tests to Danes available from a newly established walk-in clinic in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, amongst others.

- We have highly qualified medical staff who are able to perform the tests in a professionally sound manner and, as the travel industry is currently at a standstill, we have both the resources and the professional competences to take on the challenge of making the test available to the benefit of the Danes, says Janus von Platen-Hallermund, Head of Medical Centre, SOS International.

As one of the leading assisting organisations in the Nordic region, joining the fight against COVID-19 is not alien to SOS International:

- Providing assistance to people and organisations requiring help is part of our DNA. In this way, we want to contribute our experience and competences to the united fight against COVID-19, says Karin Tranberg.

From the end of September, SOS International will offer the fast antigen tests to both companies and private individuals. SOS International has already received a considerable number of enquiries from both private individuals and businesses which means that companies wishing to partake in the first batch of quick tests would do well to make an early enquiry.

About the quick test

  • Manufactured by the French pharmaceutical company BioSynex, CE-approved and validated by the Danish medical consultancy Medkoncept.
  • The test has a sensitivity (the proportion of ascertained positive tests, correctly identified as such) of 96 % and a specificity (the proportion of negative tests, correctly identified as such) of 100 %. For this reason, stationary tests performed at leading laboratories involving advanced logistics, equipment and technology will not be able to provide significantly greater medical certainty.
  • The price of the test is DKK 375.
  • The service includes a personal ”corona passport”, information on the SOS International test, on-call medical support for test staff. Individuals tested will also be able to contact SOS International’s doctor if they have questions. Businesses can receive statistical reporting on enquiries.
  • Performing a COVID-19 quick test will only diagnose whether a patient has contracted COVID-19. Thus, the test is not a general diagnosis based on the symptoms experienced by the patient comparable to what he or she would receive from his or her own general medical practitioner. 

Read more about the COVID-19 test and book an appointment for test here

COVID-19 test


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