SOS International opens COVID-19 test clinic at Aalborg Airport

Press release

Outside Aalborg Airport, private individuals and businesses can now pay a fee and let themselves be tested for COVID-19 and receive a result in 15 minutes.

To provide as many as possible with the opportunity to be tested and receive a quick answer as to whether they are infected with COVID-19, the assistance organisation SOS International has opened a test centre at the North Jutland airport.

The purpose is to provide both private individuals and businesses with the option of avoiding waiting time and receiving a quick and accurate result when there is a need to know if you or your employees are infected with COVID-19. SOS International uses an antigen test – also known as a quick test – and is, thus, able to provide a result within 15 minutes of the test having been made.

Søren Svendsen, CEO at Aalborg Airport, sees the test centre as an opportunity to support the business community at a time when the pandemic presents challenges:

- We want to help keep society and businesses going. Doing without employees, who must stay at home while wating to be tested and receiving a result, can be a considerable challenge, says Søren Svendsen, CEO.

The test purchased at the test centre is performed by medical staff from SOS International which has also selected and purchased the test equipment. This is a so-called antigen test that is performed by swabbing the nasal cavity. The test does not require laboratory work which means that the answer as to whether the test subject is infected with COVID-19 is available within 15 minutes.

- We have made considerable effort in identifying the right manufacturer of antigen tests. It is important to us that it is a high-quality and accurate test. At the same time, we have placed emphasis on the test being manufactured within Europe and being CE-marked, says Karin Tranberg, Executive VP, SOS International.

The price for an antigen test is DKK 375 and is one of the cheapest on the market.

The test centre at Aalborg Airport opens on Wednesday, 7 October.


  • It is possible to make bookings from Wednesday, 7 October 2020, at the booking portal:
  • Payment is made online via the booking confirmation (price: DKK 375)
  • The test centre is located in the outermost parking area at Aalborg Airport. It is clearly marked SOS International.
  • Wearing a facemask is mandatory while at the test centre.
  • After the test, a document with the test result is provided.
  • This quick test performed by SOS International is manufactured in France by Biosynex, CE-approved, and validated by the Danish medical consultancy, Medkoncept.
  • The test provides a high-precision result: Sensitivity (the proportion of positive tests, correctly identified as such) of >95 % and a specificity (the proportion of negative tests, correctly identified as such) of 100 %
  • This antigen test is performed using nasal swabbing
  • Test results are submitted to Danish health authorities

Read more about the COVID-19 test and book an appointment for test here

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