SOS International uses unbiased recruitment

In the past year, the Stockholm office of SOS International has relied on unbiased recruitment in order to find the right competences for its alarm centre.

Focusing on competences and personality
At present, the model for unbiased recruitment is used at the alarm centre for roadside assistance in Stockholm. The only applicant requirement is that they are 18 years old and communicate in Swedish and English. In other words, the model does not consider the applicants' age, gender, background or previous experience. Put differently, it does not matter whether the candidate is recently qualified, experienced or unemployed. Instead, emphasis is placed on the right competences and the right personality. Does the candidate fit into the business? Does the candidate have the right motivation and attitude towards the tasks?

- The advantage of unbiased recruitment is that all candidates are considered on equal terms and that we, as a company, do not attach any importance to aspects that are not relevant to fitting the position and doing a good job. I also feel that the process makes it easier for the candidates to apply for a job with us and that we also increase job satisfaction, ”says Helena Markelund, HR Generalist with SOS International.

Tests guarantee the right competences
Applicants complete an occupational physiological test which considers at parameters such as problem-solving, the level of service and stress tolerance. It is of the utmost importance that the candidates have a knack for customer service and collaboration, come up with innovative solutions and work efficiently and structured in pressured situations.

- The tests ensure that the candidates employed have the right competences and personality for the job. Which, in turn, ensures high quality in delivery and the very best service for our partners and our customers, says Anders Jansson, Manager Commercial at SOS International Sweden.

Once employed, all new recruits receive two weeks of internal training in, amongst others, insurance, conditions and internal systems. Everything to ensure that the customer experience is the best possible.

Efficient and smooth
The unbiased recruitment model also means a smoother process for the employer, since there is no need to receive and review applications from the applicants. A process that can otherwise be very time-consuming when you need to increase manpower at short notice. Moreover, the candidates complete the tests on their mobile phones or tablets, which also minimises the time it takes to identify someone with the right competences.

- The tests simplify the process of identifying the right candidates from the very outset, which means fewer "erroneous recruitments" where the candidate is not thriving or is not right for the position. So, my hope is that the customers will notice that our new employees are happy and have the ambition to do a good job as no importance has been placed on e.g. their age or gender at the time of recruitment, concludes Helena.

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