Using a time of crisis on top-tuning travel assistance

COVID-19 has prevented travel plans and dreams for the immediate future. SOS International is ready to provide even better customer service and travel assistance when travel activity returns to its normal level.

When Scandinavians do not travel, the alarm centre at SOS International is silent. There is no medical care, no repatriation nor hospital stays for sick or injured tourists to arrange to the same extent as usual.

You can sit down and cry about it. Or you can seize the time and spend it wisely. Karin Tranberg Executive VP of Travelcare finds doors to open when other close:

- We are using this quiet time to top-tune our business and improve our set-up, so that we become an even better business partner on the other side of the crisis, says Karin Tranberg.

Improved customer service
During recent months, there have been extra resources to work on a new case management system. The project has been brought forward which means that employees are busy receiving training in the use of the new system which will go live several months before originally planned.

- The case management system will ease day-to-day case management; however, focus is first and foremost on improving the customer journey, says Karin Tranberg.

Restructuring and updating
Another exercise in preparing for the future is a restructuring of tasks which has, amongst others, led to the claims handling department being placed under the alarm centre. 

In addition, the global network of medical providers has been updated and fine-tuned. The network is made up of providers and collaborative partners around the world and forms an essential part of the work involved in providing high-quality travel assistance.

New business opportunities
While travel activity is at a low level, SOS International constantly assesses new business opportunities. This means, amongst others, that SOS International offers companies to perform antibody testing of employees. 

Right now, SOS International is implementing a completely new type of test - an antigen test. This test method differs from the usual tests by giving an immediate and credible answer as to whether the test person has COVID-19 virus or not.

Despite the decline in case volume at the alarm centre, throughout the corona crisis, SOS International has maintained – and continues to maintain – a contingency plan that ensures that travel assistance will be ready as soon as travel activity resumes.

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