Video meetings replace visits during audits of the roadside assistance network

SOS International's ISO-certified management systems for quality, information security and environment require regular audits of our providers of roadside assistance. However, the corona situation requires new, innovative solutions as physical visits cannot be carried out which is why, amongst others, audits will be performed digitally.

Every year, SOS International in Sweden conducts audits of the three largest towing companies in its contracted Swedish network. Add to this, audits of an additional 20 stations according to a rolling schedule. The purpose is to jointly develop and improve the services to be an attractive and reliable partner to both existing and potential customers.

- It is even more important to maintain quality at the moment as the requirements have increased in terms of both service, environment and protection of personal data, says Åsa Eklund Falconer, Nordic Head of Quality and Compliance, Mobility Division, SOS International.

Due to the current corona crisis and the desire to manage the spread of the infection, at the present time, SOS International is unable to make physical visits and has, therefore, decided that all stations should be audited digitally and by means of video meetings.

However, the new routine may have some positive effects. As all stations in the network begin to use video tools, the opportunity arises of holding other types of meetings online, such as training sessions. The sometimes long physical distances between SOS International and our stations may also feel less pronounced when you can more easily “see” each other using a video link.

- It is important that we adapt our supplier work to these special times instead of waiting. We see that there are great opportunities in video communication, both in terms of audits as well as all other communication with our suppliers, and this is a good time to get started with this, says Markku Reinikainen, Network Manager at SOS International.

From an environmental perspective, there are also the benefits of reduced travel compared to physical visits which, at the same time, saves time and financial resources. However, the visits to the stations cannot cease entirely as they are an important part of SOS International’s quality work and fulfil a function from a purely social perspective.

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