We help drivers deliver important goods on time

Due to COVID-19, it is particularly important that certain deliveries arrive on time. Demand for healthcare materials and food, for example, requires logistics that works. SOS International's heavy vehicle roadside assistance network is standing by to help drivers in need of assistance along the road.

The demand for roadside assistance is as high now as before the Corona outbreak, but with one substantial difference. Acute calls mostly concern lorries transporting food, according to Johan Sturk from Donalds Bilbärgning in Helsingborg, member of SOS International's roadside assistance network:

“Another thing that is also different now compared to before is that, in general, people want the goods to reach their final destination before the lorry is towed to the workshop. This means that we might have to tow the lorry very long distances in order to unload the goods. It is obvious that the goods must arrive quickly,” says Johan Sturk.

The most common incidents that Donalds Bilbärgning handles are classic engine faults - both electronic and mechanical. And, of course, drivers get stressed out when they encounter a problem. Johan Sturk wishes to recommend to those on the road to take it easy and not forget their own needs:

It may sound impossible in these times, but my best advice is not to stress out. This way, you will reduce the risk of incidents and get to your destination on time. As a rule, you would do the job just as well if you do it at the right pace. It is also important not to neglect yourself and your needs, e.g. stop and eat if you feel hungry. There are rarely any good decisions made on an empty stomach,” Johan urges.

Follows common guidelines for COVID-19
Donalds Bilbärgning, like everyone in SOS International's roadside assistance network, follows common guidelines regarding procedures for reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection.

These include frequent washing of hands, use of plastic gloves, access to hand sanitiser in all roadside assistance vehicles etc.

We also try to avoid unnecessary contact with customers. As recovery service employees, instead of releasing the parking brake of the lorry, we ask the driver to do it. These are small things, which are very easy to follow, but which would hopefully make a big difference to counter the risk of contagion. So far, all our customers have reacted positively, and consider our conduct to be both correct and professional in these surreal times,” concludes Johan Sturk.

For more information, please contact:
Markku Reinikainen, Head of Nordic Network development, SOS International
Telephone:+46 (0)704 159,299

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