SOS International offers sharing economy services as an alternative to rental cars

SOS International in Sweden now enables the use of sharing-economy services. It should be obvious to use the best possible alternatives when temporary transport or accommodation is required.

Today, actors such as Uber, GoMore and Airbnb are obvious choices for many and often fill gaps in the market. For this reason, SOS International also opens up to using them when customers are in need of roadside assistance.

- We want to create increased flexibility for our customers. Today, many people are used to using services such as Uber in their everyday and when travelling. So, of course, they should then be able to continue to do so when in contact with SOS International, says Markku Reinikainen, Network Manager at SOS International, Sweden.

Like previously, SOS International customers in Sweden can use e.g. rental cars, taxi or hotel via existing established partnering companies. However, in addition, it should now also be possible to hire new types of companies with other types of booking and pricing models. Different options will work best for different customers at different occasions and locations.

Increased flexibility
By way of example, Markku Reinikainen mentions that car rentals can be hard to find in sparsely populated areas. In those cases, a service like GoMore can provide more options for those who are stranded due to their own car breaking down. At GoMore, private individuals let their cars. Airbnb works in a similar way for temporary accommodation.

- It will be easier for customers to be able to continue with their existing habits. By way of example, you may already be using Airbnb when you are on holiday. The it would be nice to avoid moving to a hotel that, so far, has been our only offer via various partners, explains Markku Reinikainen.

Increased flexibility is another advantage. A taxi ride using Uber can be ordered directly by the customer on site but still be invoiced to SOS International – instead of having to book a certain pre-ordered and prepaid route. It is also possible to issue vouchers to the customer in advance for even more choices.

Contact information
If you would like to know more, please contact Markku Reinikainen, Network Manager, SOS International on: +46 70 4159299

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