The alarm centre is ready to assist travellers

How many planes with travel-minded people will take to the air during the summer of 2021? That is the pressing question after the recent 16-month lull in the travel business.

SOS International follows developments closely and already reports ready to provide travel assistance to people who go abroad during the summer season. Regardless of the level of travel activity – and, thus, the travel assistance required.

- We expect a summer season of less activity than before COVID-19 – but with more travel assistance cases than last summer, says Karin Tranberg, VP of Travelcare, SOS International.

- An immense number of factors make themselves felt. However, we have prepared well and the alarm centre is ready for a summer when borders will once again be crossed and when SOS International will once again be needed to assist and guide those who fall ill or become injured while abroad.

New customer portal
In January, SOS International started using its newly developed case management system with the first few customers, and customers are now slowly being transferred from the old case management system. The months with a reduced number of travel assistance cases due to COVID-19 have been used to speed up the development and implementation of the new system. Amongst others, the staff have had access to a training environment.

SOS International customers will ”meet” the new system in a new customer portal which provides increased transparency and a better overview, amongst others. Moreover, the new platform provides an optimum starting point for further development and the establishment of digital access for the clients of the customers – the end users.

SOS International will ensure that all customers are included in the transition to the new case management system and will also provide information on new digital initiatives on an ongoing basis.

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