Use nature to take care of yourself during Covid

The Covid pandemic is dragging on, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to find energy and to keep an overview. Chief psychologist urges the use of nature to charge your mental battery.

- There are not many brains that do not react positively to green surroundings, says Robert Jonasen, Chief Psychologist at SOS International.

The pandemic has become more protracted than most people had anticipated, and many people find it difficult to find joy and energy in everyday life characterised by restrictions, social deprivation and working from home.

Psychologist Robert Jonasen, who specialises in stress and crises, encourages people to step away and do something good for themselves when the pressure is greatest:

- We must practice self-care. Not by drowning our emotions in sweets, red wine and Netflix, but by finding out which activities give us joy and energy and actually create value, says Robert Jonasen.

A list for days with a lack of energy
Robert Jonasen recommends that on a day when you have an excess of energy and overview, you write a list of activities or hobbies that give a feeling of joy, contemplation and relaxation - a list you can take out on days when you have a lack of energy.

It is important to make a list on a day with an excess of energy:

- When you are extremely mentally drained, you typically cannot remember what generates energy and overview. However, if you have written sea kayaking, cycling or a walk on your list, you only have to relate to that. Don’t think - just do it, says Robert Jonasen.

In the long run, you can increase your mental resilience by training your ability to exercise self-care, and if you are struggling for ideas, then nature is an excellent place to start:

- Firstly, because fire, rock, water and nature cause the brain to produce endorphins and well-being. Secondly, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which lowers your pulse, blood pressure and heart activity, so that it is popularly said to “recharge your batteries, says Robert Jonasen.

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