Your roadside assistance arrives on bicycle

Copenhagen motorists need to get used to a new phenomenon: In future, the SOS Dansk Autohjælp roadside assistance may arrive on an electric bicycle.

Anyone who has snuck through the capital rush hour traffic knows this. Albeit that something is located a mere two-minute drive away, getting there can easily take 20-25 minutes. In future, SOS Dansk Autohjælp will circumvent traffic jams and provide roadside assistance on bicycle.

SOS Dansk Autohjælp has purchased two electric carrier bicycles able to hold enough equipment to provide the most common roadside assistance. A team of six assistance providers are attending a course in operating the bicycles which will each reach a fighting weight of approx. 150 kg once the bicycles have been loaded with auto jack, jerry can, tools and two spare batteries, amongst others.

The bicycles, which have been especially adapted for SOS Dansk Autohjælp, will initially form part of the service provided in the capital.

- We have purchased the bicycles because they will meet our need for moving through heavy traffic more quickly but they also very much play into our goal of being climate-conscious, says Reno Nebelong-Ibsen, Operations Manager.

The bicycles are expected to hit the bicycle lanes on 1 May and they will then operate in Copenhagen on a daily basis, providing emergency repairs of punctured tyres, providing starting aid and help to unfortunate motorists who have accidentally locked themselves out of their vehicles.


  • An electric bicycle covers a range of 100 kilometres on one charge
  • Six trained assistance providers have attended a course in operating the roadside assistance bicycles
  • Once loaded with equipment, each bicycle will weigh approx. 150 kg
  • The roadside assistance bicycles can provide assistance with: Emergency tyre repairs, change of wheel, opening of doors, covering of windows and starting aid for both 12 and 24 Volt.

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