New education strengthens the roadside assistance profession

After the summer holidays, the first students can start a new vocational education and become qualified in roadside assistance in Denmark.

The roadside assistance profession is getting a boost, and the industry is taking on its share of responsibility for training the workforce of the future.

“We take pride in delivering high-quality services, and we are looking forward to welcoming the first apprentices and so helping to ensure a high professional level in our industry,” says Jeppe Damgaard, Technical Manager at SOS Dansk Autohjælp.

SOS Dansk Autohjælp has been part of the working group that developed the education and has therefore helped shape the content.

“Our industry has a lot to offer if you are interested in cars and technology. As a Roadside assistance worker, you have freedom under responsibility, good colleagues and working days with varying tasks,” says Reno Nebelong-Ibsen, Operations Manager on Zealand for SOS Dansk Autohjælp and who has been part of the working group under the Transport Training Board (TUR).

Among other things, students must complete courses such as the road as a workplace, conflict management, safety handling of electric vehicles, flatbed truck driving and salvage. As part of the education, students will receive all relevant driving licenses and EU qualifications.

The Ministry of Children and Education has approved the vocational education in roadside assistance, and the designated training site is Rybners in Esbjerg.

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