SOS Dansk Autohjælp brings the power when the electric car runs out

As a new nationwide service, all districts in our Danish roadside assistance network, SOS Dansk Autohjælp, are now ready to come to the rescue with an emergency refueling if the electric car lacks power.

Along with the increase in sales of electric cars, Danes still experience that the car runs out of power when there is not a charger nearby. It no longer has to be a huge problem. SOS International's Danish roadside assistance network has purchased transportable chargers for all SOS Dansk Autohjælp districts across the country.

So far, roadside assistance for electric cars has been centered around the metropolitan area and the major cities. But the demand for qualified roadside assistance for electric and hybrid vehicles can gradually be seen on a national scale:

“There is increasing demand, and we have ambitions to maintain our position at the forefront of Roadside Assistance for electric cars. Therefore, we are really satisfied that the network has purchased mobile chargers, so we can come to the rescue to electric drivers throughout the country, says Jan Bøjstrup Christensen, the director of the Danish Mobility Division in SOS International.

Charging in 15 minutes
The mobile chargers do not take up more space than they can easily be carried around in the service cars. A single device can supply enough power for approximately six miles of driving on a quarter of an hour charge. In the vast majority of cases, it is abundant in urban areas where the distance to the nearest charging station is not far.

In other parts of the country, mobile chargers also make perfect sense:

"An electric car is not easy to move when it has run out of power. With a mobile charging, we avoid complicated handling, where we have to use "roller skates" to get the car on to a towing vehicle, says Jeppe Damgaard, the technical manager at SOS Dansk Autohjælp.


  • The mobile chargers have been tested and have proven to be solid and easy to transport
  • A device can supply power to approximately six kilometers drive on about 15 minutes charge
  • A highly requested solution for - among others - car parks, airports and driveways with pearl gravel, where it can otherwise be difficult to handle a stranded electric car

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