SOS International handles 26,000 claims a year

Together with an insurance partner, SOS International has established a collaboration where SOS International in Stockholm not only acts as an alarm centre - but also handles the case all the way until the car is released from the workshop and is ready. The collaboration has led to more smooth processes.

The team was established at the beginning of 2020 based on a wish for an increased availability of claim handlers and a proactive effort to make the customer feel that they are being taken care of at the time the damage occurs.

- When the customer has received the emergency assistance, they are entitled to from the rescue insurance, we guarantee that one of our claim handlers will start working on case. The claim does not wait in line at the company, and the customer does not have to call or file the damage online. We are taking care of that process - and if we have any questions, we will call the customer, says Thomas Eriksson, head of department at SOS International, Mobility Division in Sweden.

The damages are immediately registered in the client's own system and become visible to the company. SOS International then takes care of the damage and the customer all the way to the closure of the case.

- We always comply with our client's terms and policies. The performance is verified using an internal control, close follow-ups, and collaborative forums between SOS International's handlers and the client's employees, says Thomas Eriksson.

Takes the top of the tiles
The close collaboration meetings have several advantages. One of the huge benefits is the exchange of experience that takes place in the daily work. SOS International contributes to the client's organisation by sharing experiences about what acute injuries mean and how they are handled in practice in the ever-changing everyday life we are living today.

- In a successful partnership, all parties develop. Whether it is us extending our opening hours, or that our client shows up at our premises to perform trainings, Thomas Eriksson adds.

The efficiency of SOS International's handlers is very high, and the handlers are working evenings and weekends. For the client, this means that SOS International takes the top of the piles that accumulate during evenings, weekends, and long weekends.

The department has both full-time and part-time employees as well as interim workers. This means that it is possible for SOS International to scale up at short notice, if the client wants it, or if a new customer submits an inquiry.

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