Travelcare: How the summer peak season went

Heat waves in Southern Europe, wildfires and storms. The SOS International Travelcare alarm centre can look back on a summer with good results regarding customer service and case handling. The extreme weather creates expectations of changed travel patterns.

Scandinavians’ desire to travel has returned after the pandemic, and the number of cases at SOS International has followed suit. In other words, it’s been a busy summer peak season for the Travelcare alarm centre.

“We are delighted to see that our thorough preparations have paid off. Despite challenges such as a heat wave, wildfires, airline strikes and a storm in Italy, where we helped our colleagues from Mobility on the phones, the work at the alarm centre has run smoothly, and we have had an average response time of 15 seconds,” says Karin Tranberg, Divisional Director of Travelcare at SOS International.

Weather affects the desire to travel
The Scandinavian summer has been on the cold and wet side, which traditionally means that you can expect a high demand for travel in the autumn and winter season, just as a bad summer usually means a higher demand for international travel the following summer.

Another factor that is expected to affect travel patterns in the future is the heatwaves and wildfires that characterised the summer of 2023 in Southern Europe:

“In the longer term, we can expect more people to plan their trips to Southern Europe at times other than July when it’s hottest. It will be interesting to see if we already see a change next year,” says Karin Tranberg.

Greetings from traveller in Malaga:

“We have had the privilege of being in contact with SOS International again. My daughter got appendicitis and has had surgery at a hospital in Malaga. So, here we are, waiting to be discharged, hopefully, today but probably tomorrow! It’s great that she is ok under the circumstances and that EVERYONE is so professional and kind!
- Greetings from traveller in Malaga


Top injury countries - Nordic travellers

  1. Spain
  2. Greece
  3. Turkey
  4. Italy
  5. USA

Most Nordic travellers needed help from the emergency call centre in July (51%), most in week 28, followed by weeks 29 and 30.

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