Significant changes for air ambulance flights in the Nordic countries

A bankruptcy and takeover create challenges and the prospect of price increases in the Nordic air ambulance market.

When a traveller falls ill or has a serious accident abroad, they may need to be escorted home on an air ambulance. SOS International coordinates this task through an extensive network of suppliers who, among other things, own aircraft specially designed to transport patients in distress.

Until now, SOS International has had Nordic suppliers of air ambulance services in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Unfortunately, our Norwegian supplier has filed for bankruptcy, and their aircraft are no longer flying.

At the same time, there have been significant changes at our Swedish supplier that has so far also serviced the Swedish regions, but in the future, they want to handle their own flights. In the wake of this, the company has been handed over, and the new owners have decided to scale down the business, which means that in a short time, the supplier has gone from nine active Swedish air ambulances to one.

Filling the remaining capacity
The alternatives are limited in a very small market with few operators, especially when a large customer, like all the Swedish regions, chooses to handle their own flights.

SOS International expects the changes to lead to competition for the remaining capacity, which may increase insurance companies’ prices. 

“We are monitoring the situation closely and are in continuous dialogue with our suppliers to find solutions. In the short term, we expect that Danish and Finnish operators can help transport patients from other Nordic countries, but this may result in increased costs due to longer flight times,” says Alex Karlsson, Network Manager at SOS International.

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