A busy summer peak season within roadside assistance

June, July and August are traditionally busy months for our roadside assistance business and this year was no exception. The phones have been busy at our alarm centres in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and we have experienced a general increase in the number of calls across the Nordic region, both in terms of national and international assistance.

Across the season and across the Nordic region, response times have been good and the average response time and accessibility have improved compared to the same period last year. This is, amongst others, due to the thorough preparation and training of our assistance coordinators and extra attention given to adapting the staffing levels to match demand and activity on the phones.

Unfortunately, this year has been somewhat characterised by challenges posed by our international network, which has meant a slight increase in the waiting period for rental vehicles in Germany, amongst others, where the demand is very heavy during the summer months. We have focused on finding alternative solutions for the stranded motorists affected and we will, naturally, be looking to adapt our network to the volume in demand, so that we avoid similar situations in future.

In the Norwegian market, we have had great success with our system integration with a steadily rising number of insurance companies. This integration means that, on receiving a call, we can quickly check insurance coverage and the customer thus experiences a higher quality case handling.

Our four Nordic roadside assistance alarm centres received approximately 575,000 calls in the period June- August. 96% of these calls were answered and 80% of these were answered within 30 seconds.

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