Increase in the number of travel assistance cases during the summer high season

The summer is now drawing to its close and SOS International can look back on a busy, but good, summer high season for the travel assistance alarm centre. During the months of June, July and August, the alarm centre handled more than 35,000 cases, which is an 11% increase compared to the same period last year.

45% of the total number of cases were registered in July, which is always the busiest month, and week 29 was the busiest week this summer with more than 4000 new cases.

The increase in cases during the summer was anticipated and, throughout spring, focus has been on additional recruitment and increase in staff so as to be able to meet the increased volume during the summer months.

Forest fires and earthquakes
The summer was also characterised by a large number of cases relating to major crises, including serious forest fires in Greece and a number of earthquakes in Indonesia which affected a lot of Nordic travellers who, therefore, required assistance. More than 125 Nordic travellers required assistance in connection with the forest fires in Greece, and the earthquakes in the Bali/Lombok area in the course of July and August resulted in more than 150 cases involving approximately 440 Nordic travellers.

The alarm centre and SOS International’s International Network Department worked closely with our local partners and handled the many cases which included cancellations, evacuations, early repatriation and trauma counselling without the rest of operations being affected.

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Below is a selection of statistics for the summer high season, both across the Nordic countries and at national level.


Distribution of cases


Distribution of men/women

Age Distribution


Top 5 injury country - Nordic travellers 


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