End-to-End Healthcare solutions

With the ambition to deliver full service healthcare services to our customers and a clear focus on “first-time-right” solutions, SOS International launched a new project in the beginning of 2019.

Today, SOS International’s healthcare service catalogue encompasses psychological treatment and physiotherapy, but we are now ready to include healthcare services within the field of medicine and surgery covered by the health insurance.

This way, SOS International offers full end-to-end handling of services covered by the health insurance, including insurance validation and claims handling, which reduces unnecessary contact points to the benefit of our customers and clients.

Through a thorough evaluation by the medical staff at our visitation centres, we can steer the client in the right direction at the first contact and thereby ensure a timely right level of care for each client. Moreover, cross functional knowledge-sharing at the visitation centres is key to minimise faulty treatment courses and thereby improve the customer experience.

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One point of contact
SOS International’s ambition is to offer tailored and value-adding healthcare solutions to its customers. The key words are quality, availability and convenience.

SOS International’s healthcare services are characterised by a smooth digital end-user journey, a clear focus on the right level of care as well as cross functional treatment.

Our one point of contact operational setup covers multiple channels and encompasses efficient processes, transparent reporting and ongoing measurement which help ensure a seamless and first-time-right course of treatment.

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