More tools in the battle against stress

SOS International has initiated a pilot project, in which members of a team of psychologists test Virtual Reality (VR) in anti-stress therapy as a supplement to the traditional psychological treatment at SOS International.

Stress is an increasing health challenge and the number of people affected by it is increasing.

Several SOS International psychologists are currently testing the use of VR as part of anti-stress therapy in a pilot project in collaboration with SOS International's Product & Business Development division, which pursues development of innovative and digital services in the field of healthcare.

Collection of data and experience
In connection with the pilot project, several patients with low to moderate stress level will be offered to go through specially developed stress-reducing programs with the help of a set of VR glasses, which can be used as needed between psychologist sessions.

In practice, the VR glasses are either used in the clinics, or they can be borrowed home by the patients between consultations. This gives patients the opportunity to supplement the therapy they receive in the clinics. Many will typically be able to supplement and continue their therapy at home between sessions. It is therefore natural to use this additional tool, and it increases the likelihood of good effect.

During the test period, SOS International will collect data and practical knowledge, both of which related to the users' experience with the new tool, but it will also measure the effect in the therapy, which will contribute to forming basis for the development of several digital services and opportunities in the field of healthcare.

Increased accessibility
The use of digital tools in anti-stress therapy helps increase accessibility thereby reducing some of the barriers that can arise when people under stress seek out and receive help to get well. It is also expected to give SOS International's psychologists a new and extremely useful tool in the treatment of stress.

“The use of this new technology should be seen as a supplement to the more traditional course of treatment. It will help improve the quality of the treatment and maintain the momentum for patients in therapy. By borrowing a set of VR glasses home, patients - following expert guidance from the psychologist - can use the tailor-made anti-stress programs between consultations as instructed and thus be actively involved in their own treatment," says SOS International's chief psychologist Robert Jonasen.

"This will give a quality boost to the treatment and, not least, offer patients a good, and perhaps even shorter, course of treatment so we can help them get back to a normal and fully functional life as soon as possible, “ he adds.

In 2018, SOS International's Healthcare division handled nearly 14,000 psychologist cases, 30% of which related to stress.

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