Ski: Week 7 is the top scorer again this year

The skiing season is going full steam ahead and, since December, the alarm centre for travel assistance has received enquiries from close to 1200 Nordic travellers who have injured themselves skiing.

Top 3 injuries
The knees suffer the most when accidents happen. More than 42% of the enquiries concern injuries to knees or lower legs, where ankles and feet make up 18% and shoulders and upper arms make up 15%.

Austria, Italy and France remain the favourite destinations for skiing holidays and are, therefore, also the locations where the majority of the injures take place; however, more exotic destinations such as Japan, Greenland and Canada also lure Nordic skiing enthusiasts.

Ekstremski kræver forberedelse 

Nya skiddestinationer ställer särskilda krav på säkerheten 

Norske skientusiaster velger mer ekstreme destinasjoner 

Just under 300 injuries during week 7
The number of injuries registered at the alarm centre has increased steadily since before Christmas and, this year, once again peaked in week 7 with just under 300 injuries divided on travellers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

There are still many departing to go on a skiing holiday and although we expect that the curve has now passed its peak, the increased manning at the alarm centre is kept in place with the dedicated alpine team, who is ready to assist in booking repatriation and air ambulances for unfortunate skiers up to and including week 13.

During weeks 3 to 9, more than 65 patients have been repatriated by 14 air ambulances. These air ambulances are specially designed aircrafts, also called "the bone express", which includes both stretchers and sitting patients and thus several patients can be transported home on one flight.

We return with a full update on the skiing season in early April.

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