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File an insurance claim

Here you can apply for a refund or report damages occured during travel which is covered by your insurance.

File a claim (online)
File a claim (in pdf format)
Report forms
Where to send your claim
Please send the report form to:

SOS International a/s
Attn: Skadeafdelingen [claims department]
Nitivej 6 DK-2000

How to submit your claim

In SOS International we strive to handle your case as fast as possible – as a rule within ten working days.

However, you can increase the chance of a smooth process, by submitting precise and detailed information about the incident. Please read this guidance before you submit your claim:


  • Use the internet:
    When filing a claim through our website, you shorten the claims handling with as much as 3 days
  • Always complete a claim form:
    By completing a claim form you make sure that all relevant information about your damage or injury are reported. Choose the claim form that best describes your injury or damage
  • Fill in all spaces in the claim form.
    Leaving open spaces in the claim form can prolong the process handling. SOS International must then collect further information to process the case.   
  • Always describe the incident.
    Always describe the incident in detail, how it happened, where exactly you were, and when you discovered the damage or injury. Always remember to report theft to the police and send a copy to SOS International of the explanation you gave. This makes it easier to process your case
  • Number your receipts sequentially.
    By numbering sequentially you help us to find each receipt. This leads to faster refund of expenses
  • Inform us about payment of vouchers. When paying a voucher make a note on it about when it was paid
  • Remember to add your banking details. SOS International does not automatically know which account you have chosen  – therefore remember to make a note about this in the claim. If you have a foreign account, remember to add the SWIFT & IBAN numbers
  • Sign the claim:
    Your claim is not valid without your signature. Therefore always remember to sign. When you make a claim via the SOS International website you can use your “Easy Account” as signature for selected products.
  • Make a copy of the claim and keep it.
    It does happen - but rarely - that a claim or a receipt disappears in the mail. You should therefore always make a copy of the claim and keep it. This is your guarantee that you will have your
Frequently asked questions

Below we have listed the most common questions related to travel insurance issues.

What to do if I turn ill on the day I was about to travel?
You have to contact your travel agent, the airline company and hotel or landlord as fast as possible if you have to cancel a journey because of illness. Contact your doctor to provide documentation of your illness immediately after the cancellation.

For how long is the cancellation insurance valid?
Your cancellation insurance is valid until the moment your journey begins. After this, you can’t make use of it.

What kind of documentation does the insurance company need from my doctor in case of cancellation?
Your illness or injury must be documented in a reasonable way. As a rule this means that your illness or disease requires treatment. This is why you must as soon as possible after an illness or an injury occurs contact your doctor to have the required documentation. Your doctor must complete a sick note which can be downloaded on this website. If you have been to the emergency room or at the doctor at the emergency service you can choose to send in the report from the emergency room or the doctor’s record as documentation. What is most important is that the diagnosis is clear and that the treatment received is documented.

When should I submit the claim at the latest?
An injury or illness must be reported to SOS International within three years. SOS International recommends that you report your injury or illness as fast as possible and preferably immediately after the injury. In this way you will be able to provide SOS International with all relevant information.

What do I do if my luggage disappears?
If your luggage is missing when you arrive by plane you must immediately contact the airline company. They will issue a PIR-report to search for your luggage. When you have the PIR-number you can report the case to SOS International.

When do I get reimbursed for delayed luggage?
As soon as you have received your own luggage you can send your receipts to SOS International. You can file a claim on our website. The sooner we receive your claim the sooner you will have your expenses covered.

Are you expatriated abroad and in need of assistance?

This service is for expatriates working abroad or those traveling on business abroad.

If you want to apply for a refund on your insurance, please follow the link to our online application form for expats and business travelers below.

File a claim

Expat services

Medical pre-assessment

A preliminary medical assessment can determine your insurance coverage, if an existing disorder needs treatment during your trip.

Check your coverage before departure. (Note: information in Danish)

Start here

About medical pre-assessment

Tell us what you think

We would very much like to hear from you with respect to positive and negative experiences with us. Please note that this is for non-urgent matters only.

Give feedback

Access to personal data

SOS International will grant access to the personal data which SOS International processes pursuant to the Act on the Processing of Personal Data. SOS International will also grant access to health information and medical documents processed pursuant to the Act on Healthcare.

Request access here

What information can you be granted access to?
  • All your personal data processed by SOS International.
  • Health information and medical documents. These include SOS International patient charts and medical reports written by SOS International’s doctors or other attending doctors abroad.

Who can be granted access
You can always request access to your own personal data and health information. Family members, relatives and other next of kin can also request access.

What does it cost to request access
It is free.

How will the request be answered
You will receive an answer by mail.

When can an answer be expected
Requests for access to personal data will be answered within four weeks. Requests for access to health information and medical documents will be answered within seven working days. If it is not possible for SOS International to answer your request within those deadlines, SOS International will contact you.

How to request access
You can send a request electronically or download a request form which you can submit by mail.
Who can request access
You can always request access to your own personal data and your own health information. If you request access on behalf of another person you have to meet certain conditions in order for access to be granted.

Family members, relatives and next of kin:

In order for access to be granted a power of attorney has to be issued to you. You can download and print a power of attorney form via SOS International’s website.

Please bear in mind:

  • That the power of attorney has to be issued to you.
  • That the power of attorney must be sent with the request for access. In the request for access you have to state whether you are a family member or next of kin. If the person whose personal data or health information you request access to is under 18 years your request must still include a power of attorney issued to you.

If a power of attorney cannot be issued to you:
If the person whose personal data or health information you request access to cannot issue a power of attorney, SOS International has to receive documentation for your affiliation with the person.

You must therefore request access and include documentation for your affiliation – for example:

  • Spouse/partner: Marriage certificate, documentation on registered partnership or documentation from a civil registration system.   
  • Parent/guardian: Birth certificate or documentation regarding guardianship.
  • Child: Birth certificate or documentation from a civil registration system.
  • Administrator or executer: Documentation from the court or of administration.
  • Travel partner/other affiliation: As a starting point access can only be granted to the person to whom the personal data or health information relates or family members, relatives and next of kin. You can send a request and you will be contacted by SOS International with a view to demonstrating an affiliation.

Give us your consent

When you make a request for payment from your insurance company, you are obligated to provide your insurance company with all available and relevant information.

SOS International acts on behalf of your insurance company, and you are therefore obligated to provide SOS International with all information of importance for the assessment of your case and determining the indemnity.

About consent

To assess your insurance request, we need your health information. Your doctor may with your consent disclose personal data relating to your health. This follows from health legislation. Insurance companies and others may furthermore disclose your personal data in accordance with other legislation for example in order to seek recourse from other parties.

Disclosure of personal data
SOS International also needs your consent to disclose necessary personal data in order to secure the correct handling of your case, including managing the contact to the attending physician/hospital and taking care of your potential repatriation, and to passing on your claim form in order to seek compensation from other parties in the case (recourse and double insurance).

You can always withdraw your consent
Your consent is valid for a year after signing the consent form. A copy of this consent may be given to everyone from whom SOS International needs to obtain personal data. If you regret your consent, you can always withdraw it. You have the right to access personal data which are processed and you can have any errors corrected.

Consent by SMS

You have the possibility to give Your Consent by SMS

Please send a SMS containing Case no. and the following text:

I hereby give my consent + your name

Please send the SMS to:

+45 2185 6244

Consent by email/fax

You have the possibility to give your consent by email/fax

Download consent declaration

Send by mail to

or by fax +45 7010 5056

We help you when you need it
- where you need it 

Contact us

Are you travelling and in need of acute assistance?

Contact SOS International's alarm centre on +45 7010 5050.

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