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SOS Insights: Self-drive holidays and roadside assistance abroad


The summer peak season for self-drive holidays is ap­proaching. Below follows a selection of facts, information and advice from SOS International on roadside assistance abroad.

FIFA World Cup - Russia 2018


The FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018 will be the 21st FIFA World Cup and takes place between 14 June and 15 July 2018. Matches will be hosted by eleven (11) different cities in the European part of Russia. SOS International has prepared guidelines on safety and other good advice in connection with the World Cup in Russia 2018 in collaboration with local partners and specialists.

SOS Insights: Summer 2018


In a minute, the calendar will flip to June, and this marks the start of SOS International’s summer high travel season.

Podcast: Do you feel safe on your business travel?


The world is changing, and destinations that have typically been considered safe are not necessarily safe anymore. Therefore, many companies and their employees can be exposed to security risks when operating either at home or abroad and managing these risks can be complex and demanding.

How to travel safely and securely in Greece


Greece is a popular summer destination for Nordic travellers, and data from SOS International's alarm centre shows that over a number of years the country has been among the top countries from which most claims are filed.

How to travel safely and securely in Spain


Are you going to Spain this summer? How do you travel safely and securely whether you are going on business or for pleasure with your family? We have gathered some piece of good advice here.

How to travel safely and securely in Turkey


Are you travelling to Turkey on business or for pleasure? For a long time, Turkey has been a popular destination for Nordic travellers, but during the summer 2016, SOS International saw a decline in cases from Turkey – probably due to political unrest and terrorism in the count

Close File Review – an annual self-assessment


Every year, SOS International performs a Close File Review to evaluate the level of quality in the Medical Division. The results for 2017 show satisfactory progress and the identified areas of improvement for 2018 are well underway. 

New digital solution: Follow my truck


A series of text messages forms an integral part of the roadside assistance of SOS International in Norway. The series of text messages is a digital solution, which creates a feeling of security and reduces the experienced wait time and is an example of how SOS International is always focusing on the customer journey and on developing new digital roadside assistance services.

SOS International focuses on healthcare and brings in strong profiles for strategic key positions


Press release SOS international expands with an independent Healthcare Division and has employed Jes Kenneth Laursen as Nordic Commercial Director. Together with a new Head of Network & Operations he will shoulder the responsibility for expanding and operating analogue and digital health solutions within the Nordic market.

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