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SOS International enhances its collaboration with ICA Försäkringar

SOS International is now the exclusive partner of the Swedish insurance company ICA Försäkringar within alarm centre services and the provision of roadside assistance. On 1 July 2021, the parties renewed their agreement which extends and strengthens their collaboration.

More Danes and Swedes travelled abroad during the summer holidays

Fewer than expected travelled abroad in the summer of 2021, and Danes and Swedes travelled significantly more than Norwegians and Finns. This is what appears from the statistics for the summer from the SOS International alarm centre for travel assistance.

Repatriation requires detective work

The SOS International Transport Centre arranges repatriation of sick and injured Nordic travellers and, in this area, usual procedures have been challenged by the corona pandemic. As the world opens up, the Transport Centres handles cases like detectives to ensure a safe repatriation of patients.

COVID-19 complicates even banal cases

At the SOS International travel assistance alarm centre, we look back on a summer season when the number of cases was below normal - but where each case was complicated by local restrictions on tests and corona hotels.

Corona has given us unhealthy habits

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New research indicates that the pandemic has led to lifestyle changes for many of us - and unfortunately not for the better. These lifestyle changes lead to declining mental health.

This summer’s car holidays affected by COVID-19

Summer 2021 became yet another peak season affected by the corona pandemic for SOS International’s roadside assistance business.

SOS International offers sharing economy services as an alternative to rental cars

SOS International in Sweden now enables the use of sharing-economy services. It should be obvious to use the best possible alternatives when temporary transport or accommodation is required.

After months of working from home: The summer holidays are important!

Spend this year’s summer holiday on enjoying your freedom and family life – you will need it after 16 months in which your work life has been a part of your family life.

The alarm centre is ready to assist travellers

How many planes with travel-minded people will take to the air during the summer of 2021? That is the pressing question after the recent 16-month lull in the travel business.

Doctors and hospitals to tourists: We are ready

COVID-19 has been hard on the public healthcare systems – as well as on holiday destinations. However, the SOS International network of medical suppliers abroad assure us that tourists can be confident that they will be able to see a doctor or go to hospital in the event that they fall sick or are injured during their holiday this summer.

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