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Helpful advice for self-drive holidays


Already planning your next self drive holiday? Wherever your next holiday takes you, it is important to safely load the car and take a number of precautions – for the car, driver, passengers and children.

A busy summer peak season within roadside assistance


June, July and August are traditionally busy months for our roadside assistance business and this year was no exception. The phones have been busy at our alarm centres in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and we have experienced a general increase in the number of calls across the Nordic region, both in terms of national and international assistance.

Record high customer satisfaction within travel assistance


The summer peak season is just about behind us and we look back on a busy but most satisfactory peak season in the alarm centre.

Security and clowning in global hot spots


With tailored Crisis, Risk & Security services covering their rear, the voluntary clowning group, Clowns4Care, travel to one of the hot spots of the world, Erbil in Iraq, to perform for children in refugee camps.

Dengue fever ravages Sri Lanka – How to protect yourself from being infected


An outbreak of dengue virus is ravaging the popular holiday destination of Sri Lanka.

SOS International new member of Swedish Standards Institute Quality Management Committee


Recently our Head of Quality & Improvements in our Technical Division, Åsa Eklund Falconer, has become SOS International’s representative in the Quality Management Committee of Swedish Standards Institute (SIS). 

How to travel safely and securely in Turkey


Are you travelling to Turkey on business or for pleasure? For a long time, Turkey has been a popular destination for Nordic travellers, but during the summer 2016, SOS International saw a decline in cases from Turkey – probably due to political unrest and terrorism in the count

How to travel safely and securely in the USA


Over the last years, new direct flights to the USA have been opened, and the country has become a big holiday destination for Nordic travellers. SOS International records the USA as one of the top countries from which most claims are filed.

How to travel safely and securely in Spain


Are you going to Spain this summer? How do you travel safely and securely whether you are going on business or for pleasure with your family? We have gathered some piece of good advice here.

How to travel safely and securely in Greece


Greece is a popular summer destination for Nordic travellers, and data from SOS International's alarm centre shows that over a number of years the country has been among the top countries from which most claims are filed.

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