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SOS International Sustainability Report 2022: Gender diversity on all levels of management

In this year’s edition of SOS International’s sustainability report, we’re glad to report that we for the first time hit our gender diversity targets on all levels of management.

Annual Report 2022: Lower travel activity affected the result

In 2022, SOS International helped over 1 million people with roadside assistance, psychological advice, medical treatment abroad and much more. Despite a negative result, SOS International is financially solid.

It has become more expensive to get treatment abroad

When travellers fall ill and need treatment abroad, the price of treatment has gone only one way in recent years - up. At SOS International, the focus is on keeping costs down.

Avoid your electric car letting you down on your winter holiday

If you are planning a self-drive winter holiday in an electric car, you need to be aware of what your car can handle. The cold is hard on the battery, so it’s essential to plan your trip as well as possible. SOS Dansk Autohjælp offers tips and tricks to help you plan a long winter trip in your electric car.

Video treatment is here to stay

For the psychologists and physiotherapists in the SOS International network, conducting consultations via a video link is a regular part of their working day. Research shows the crucial factor for a good result with video therapy is that the client is motivated.

Ski season 2023: The alarm centre is ready and prepared

The highlight of the year for ski enthusiasts and snow connoisseurs is just around the corner. At SOS International’s alarm centre for travel assistance, everyone is geared up for some busy weeks when Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns get injured on the slopes.

Roadside assistance goes electric

When motorists break down on the streets of Oslo, they can get help from electric service vehicles. SOS International has purchased two electric service vehicles and can provide fast road assistance while caring for the environment.

Skiing holiday in Italy? Not without liability insurance

A fine of 150 Euros and your lift pass revoked. That could be the consequence if you don’t have valid liability insurance when you strap on your skis in Livigno or one of the other popular Italian ski resorts.

Take care of yourself when flying long distances

After several years of restrictions on travel opportunities, this winter season is expected to be the first in which the nordic travellers head towards more distant shores outside of Europe on a larger scale. Get the best advice from doctors regarding long fights.

How SOS International detects insurance fraud

Recently, Swedish media carried the story of a woman who had defrauded her insurance regarding a hospital admission abroad. The disclosure resulted in the woman being given a suspended sentence. But how do you detect insurance fraud? We asked Karina Nordmann Østrup, who investigates such cases at SOS International.

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