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SOS International and the Capitol Region of Denmark amend their agreement for rapid tests

SOS International supports the changed test strategy of the Capitol Region of Denmark, meaning that several suppliers will contribute to an increased test capacity.

SOS International to perform quick tests in four of the five Danish regions

After 1 February, SOS International will test residents in the Capital Region, Region Zealand, the Central Jutland Region and the North Jutland Region. This was established today when the Danish Regions announced which providers of the COVID-19 quick test will supplement the public test capacity until 1 May at the earliest.

SOS International opens test centre at the Port of Aarhus

Now, there is another place where residents in Aarhus and Central Jutland can be tested for COVID-19. On Thursday, 17 December, the SOS International quick test centre opened at the Port of Aarhus at the previous location of the ferry Molslinjen.

SOS International now contributes to the public testing capacity

Today, SOS International has entered into an agreement with the Danish Regions to supplement the public testing capacity with 11,000 daily antigen tests. Private persons can therefore now book an appointment for a free test at SOS International and Charlottenlund Lægehus Medicals Nordic and receive a quick result.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark recognises the use of antigen testing for business travellers

From Monday 7 December 2020, business travellers have the full support of the Danish authorities for being tested using an antigen test when they return home from business travel.

SOS International challenges SSI’s statement on antigen test

On 11 November, the Danish Statens Serum Institut (SSI) announced that antigen testing should only be used as a supplement to PCR testing. SOS International sees weaknesses in the French study on which SSI based this announcement.

SOS International opens COVID-19 test clinic at Esbjerg Airport

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Once again, visitors to the airport, businesses and private individuals can be tested for COVID-19 at Esbjerg Airport. SOS International opens a test clinic where you can pay a fee, be tested and receive a result in 15 minutes.

Quick tests at Billund Airport provide faster results for business travellers

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On 6 November, SOS International opens a test clinic at Billund Airport. Both private individuals and business travellers can pay for a COVID-19 antigen test that provides a result in 15 minutes.

SOS International opens COVID-19 test clinic at Aalborg Airport

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Outside Aalborg Airport, private individuals and businesses can now pay a fee and let themselves be tested for COVID-19 and receive a result in 15 minutes.

COVID-19: New test clinic opens today

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From today, residents in and around the capital can book an appointment at SOS International’s new test clinic. Medical staff at the clinic perform a quick test that in 15 minutes provides an answer as to whether you have COVID-19.

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