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SOS International and Eurocross Turkey co-launch live medical case management program


Press release
Scandinavian and Turkish assistance powerhouses SOS International and Eurocross Turkey have joined efforts in an initiative to orchestrate real-time management of medical treatment in Turkey. 

New service is launched with the purpose to stop attempted fraud in connection with car accidents


Today, attempted fraud constitutes a major expense for the insurance industry. In Sweden alone, the estimated cost to the insurance companies is SEK 3–6 billion every year (2017*). Soon, SOS International will be able to offer its customers a whole new service, the investigation of fraud in connection with car accidents and, thus, help its customers save money.

It’s time for skiing again


It is high season for skiing holidays and thereby skiing injuries. During the winter season 2017/2018, SOS International registered more than 1700 cases, related to skiing injuries for Nordic travellers, which is an increase of approximately 10% compared to the same period the year before.

How to feel safe and secure when travelling in Thailand


Thailand is a preferred travel destination especially during the cold season in the Nordics. Beautiful beaches, a lovely weather and excellent food are often mentioned as the reasons. How is the crime rate and how do you secure you and your family best – no matter if you are on a beach holiday, backpacking or on a business travel?

How to be safe and secure when travelling in Indonesia


Over the recent years, Indonesia has attracted more and more tourists, and especially Nordic travellers have opened their eyes towards the South East Asian country. Based on claims data and number of cases handled at the alarm centre, Indonesia is the second largest claims country in Asia.

SOS International and EasyPark to collaborate in the Nordic region


SOS International has entered into a collaboration with EasyPark on digital parking in the Nordic region. This year, SOS International introduces a new solution in roadside assistance which offers its users many new digital advantages. The integration of EasyPark into the SOS International app provides access to even easier, cheaper and quicker parking.

SOS International installs mobile charging station for electric vehicles


As the third European country, SOS International in Norway has installed a mobile charging station for use on electric vehicles into our Oslo service vehicle. If your battery runs flat and you do not present an obstacle to other traffic – some distance from the nearest charging station, SOS International, may assist the end-user by charging the vehicle sufficiently to enable it to reach the nearest charging station.

Finnish staff for Finnish travellers


This month, we welcomed 13 new Finnish colleagues to the alarm centre in Copenhagen! At our travel alarm centre, the assistance coordinators are gathered in customer-oriented teams in order to strengthen the customer experience and satisfaction across the Nordic markets. Why is this so important?

SOS Insights: The winter high season for travels to Thailand is beckoning


Thailand is a popular travel destination for Nordic travellers and every year when the cold weather reaches the Nordic countries, a large number of Scandinavians travel to Thailand.

Insurance in Motion: What shapes the life of future mobility and insurance?


The insurance industry is facing a radical reinterpretation of the way businesses are undertaken. In the new report ‘Insurance in Motion’, consulting futurist and key note speaker Nils Elmark describes the recent trends and mega trends, which will shape the life of future insurance and mobility


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