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Summary of experiences gained following the terrorist attack in Paris: Who should you call if you need help?


The travel industry estimates that 8,000 to 10,000 Danes were in Paris on the day of the terrorist attack. During the first 24 hours after the attach, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Borgerservice) was in contact with approx. 300 Danes in Paris and/or relatives. In our experience, most Danes traveling abroad know what is covered by their travel insurance and who to call in case they require assistance when they are traveling outside Europe.

First medical PTC-transport on Airbus A380 manned by SOS International doctor


SOS International was the first medical assistance company to take the new generation of flying intensive care units on the Airbus A380 in use on a patient transport on a Lufthansa flight from Johannesburg to Frankfurt.

Do your customers remember the Blue Card?


The winter peak season is approaching and many Danes will go on skiing holidays. Far from all people are aware of the importance of bringing the blue EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and thus risk that the attending doctor abroad charging the full cost of the medical treatment and not just the user fee, if any.

Put the help right at hand for your customers


According to 2015 figures from Google’s Consumer Barometer, the smartphone penetration in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) is 75% on average which is an increase of 28% since 2012. Sweden tops the list with a penetration of 83% whereas Finland has a penetration of 67%.

Successful integration of SOS Veihjelp in Norway


A little over a year ago, SOS International entered into agreement with NAF (Norges Automobil-Forbund) to establish a company offering roadside assistance in Norway – SOS Veihjelp.

A strengthened nationwide towing network


Almost three years ago, SOS International acquired Assistance Finland Oy, a nationwide towing and roadside assistance network, and rebranded it into SOS Hinaus.

Status on the situation in Paris


SOS International følger fortsat situationen i Paris tæt. Lørdag modtog vi et stort antal henvendelser vedrørende hvordan man skal forholde sig, og vi har i løbet af weekenden yderligere registreret et antal sager.

Status on the summer peak season


It has been a stormy and rainy summer; but we have been well prepared in all Nordic countries. According to our forecasts, we anticipated around 348.000 calls in a total. Overall we received 347.123 calls, so our forecasts were spot on.

Managing the customer journey with the benefits of digitalisation


Customer experience is a key topic for the strategic work in SOS International and it is a crucial part of the value we offer to our customers. From an assistance point of view, the customer journey is divided into three overall phases – the before, during and after services. Steering this journey is vital in terms of both quality and cost.

SOS Service Offices play an important role


SOS International has more than 20 service offices around the world. The SOS Service Offices deliver local assistance on behalf of SOS International, including arrangement of local transport, local price agreements and cost control, contact with local hospitals and many other tasks.

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