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Travel: This was the summer of 2019

The calendar now shows September and this year’s summer high season for travel assistance at SOS International has been successfully completed. As always, the alarm centre has been ready to help travellers in distress and the statistics for the last three months show that this summer’s destinations and types of injuries are the same as last year, however, with variants across the Nordic countries.

Dengue epidemic in the Philippines: How to best protect yourself

The Philippines have declared that the country is suffering a dengue virus epidemic. Other countries in Asia are also experiencing a considerable number of cases of the virus which is transmitted through mosquito bites.

Avoid stress after your holiday

After a lovely summer holiday filled with various experiences and plenty of free time, it may be a radical change to throw yourself out in the sea of tasks, emails, meetings and deadlines. And for some, such a relaxing summer holiday can lead to increased stress sensitivity which, after the end of the holiday, triggers the development of stress symptoms if not taken care of.

Good advice for long flights

Long flights can be hard on the body and the SOS International medical practitioners have prepared a selection of good advice for travellers. Travellers, who already suffer from health problems, should always consult their medical practitioner prior to embarking on long flights.

Mental illness can be exacerbated by travel abroad

Although taking a holiday is great, travelling is a break in routines and, thus, potentially a burden for everyone – also persons with a mental illness.

SOS International succeeds in maintaining its ISO certifications

In SOS International quality, information security, data protection and compliance comprise some of the most important parameters for the success of our business. Once again, SOS International has achieved a re-certification in Quality Management (ISO9001), Environmental Management (ISO14001) and Information Security Management (ISO27001).

The summer high season has started

Summer has arrived in the Nordic countries and, before long, schools will close down for the annual summer holiday. However, the SOS International alarm centre for travel assistance already buzzes with summer holiday atmosphere as our high season started already early June.

Insights: Summer peak season for travelling abroad

In a minute, the calendar will flip to June, and this marks the start of SOS International’s summer high travel season.

Avoid stress during your holiday: This is how to gradually scale back

Take the psychologist’s advice on how to scale back from 100 to zero kilometres an hour.

SOS International: All roadside assistance workers must have safety training in electric cars

There are more and more electric and hybrid cars on the road. As part of a new Nordic initiative, SOS International trains roadside assistance workers in how to handle electric vehicles safely.

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