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How to feel safe and secure when travelling in Thailand


Thailand is a preferred travel destination especially during the cold season in the Nordics. Beautiful beaches, a lovely weather and excellent food are often mentioned as the reasons. How is the crime rate and how do you secure you and your family best – no matter if you are on a beach holiday, backpacking or on a business travel?

Vaccination or Mosquito Repellents?


Good advice on the zika virus, Dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Statistics on Skiing Injuries 2015 Based on Claims Data from SOS International


Crashes are a natural part of your skiing holiday, and, most often, you are able to get up, empty the snow out of your collar and ski on. However, sometimes things end badly, and a crash results in an injury

Worth knowing about Solvency II


Quality assurance and documentation of services via routines and well-documented business processes are examples of how SOS International works in a proactive and well-structured way with the Solvency II directive, which came into force on 1 January 2016 across the EU.

Competences on the agenda at SOS International


Empathy and the ability to make people feel safe over the phone are crucial skills if working on one of SOS International's alarm centres in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Aarhus and Copenhagen. How to restart an engine or plan a transport with a coffin are examples of knowledge that SOS International assistance coordinators possess.

System integration reduces the insurance companies’ total costs


Double recording of insurance cases has long been part of the daily life in the Claims Department at the Norwegian insurance company, SpareBank1. The company uses SOS International as their assistance partner within the travel area, and due to a system integration between SpareBank1 and SOS International, the manual entry work has been significantly reduced, the company says.

Screening list ensures smoother case handling


The use of a so-called screening list at SOS International's Alarm Centre in Copenhagen reduces claims costs for insurance companies and ensures smoother case handling and better customer experience for travellers.

SOS International increases customer satisfaction


Every year, SOS International conducts a customer survey with respondents from the automotive industry and insurance companies across the entire Nordic region. And the results of this year's customer survey show a positive development: customer satisfaction has increased compared to last year's survey.

New App Gives Security to Insurance Holders


To generate a greater sense of security in the assistance coordination process, SOS International has now launched a user-friendly app, SOS Live, that makes it possible for policyholders to hold a video chat with, e.g. a Scandinavian-speaking nurse.

Olympic Games with a focus on security


This year, for the first time, SOS International decided to upgrade its presence during an Olympics Games and sent Head of Security Peter Ilsted to Rio de Janeiro in order to assist Nordic travellers associated with SOS International.

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