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Brexit: Remember your travel insurance

Following a third postponement, the plan now is that the UK leaves the EU on 31 January 2020. Parliament has voted in favour of this agreement and, after the country has left the EU, travellers to the UK should consider the UK a third country on a par with all other destinations outside the EU.

When you or your relatives travel alone

Travelling alone can be a great adventure. It is however important to take precautions in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Moreover, solo travelling can also cause fear and worries from relatives. Because what is something happens?

We have gathered some good advice for solo travelers and their relatives in order to support a safe travel adventure.

Insights: The winter high season for travels to Thailand is beckoning

Thailand is a popular travel destination for Nordic travellers and every year when the cold weather reaches the Nordic countries, a large number of Scandinavians travel to Thailand.

24/7 assistance for users of electric car charging stations

From its alarm center in Oslo, SOS International provides technical support to users of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Skiing holiday without injuries: Good advice for your skiing holiday

Going on a skiing holiday soon? Then remember that, when skiing, you expose your body to a greater physical strain than during a regular day at the office or at school. Below, the SOS International physiotherapists provide you with good advice on how to prepare for a skiing holiday without injuries.

Companies lack knowledge of their responsibilities

At SOS International, we believe that travel safety and security is the responsibility of the management. Unfortunately, far too often, we experience that companies and organisations are unprepared for the scope of their responsibility when employees travel abroad on business.

Unlucky tourists can now get a "house call" by a doctor at popular holiday destinations

With House Call Service, SOS International meets the need of many travellers to have a doctor visit them at their hotel or holiday home in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Insights: Babymoon and parental leave holiday

Most people are familiar with the concept of "honeymoon" - the love holiday many married couples embark on immediately after their wedding. "Babymoon", on the other hand, is a newer craze that many expecting parents follow - namely the couple's last journey as two before the baby's arrival.

Insights: Seniors are now travelling on vacation

Once the clocks are set to wintertime, the elderly part of the population likes to travel to warmer climes according to SOS International's statistics.

SOS International and Guardian in strategic partnership

Earlier this year, SOS International and Guardian entered into a strategic partnership. The collaboration means that SOS International can now offer a single point of contact for all types of assistance services, from medical assistance to management of security crises all over the world.

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