Latest news from SOS International

After months of working from home: The summer holidays are important!

Spend this year’s summer holiday on enjoying your freedom and family life – you will need it after 16 months in which your work life has been a part of your family life.

The alarm centre is ready to assist travellers

How many planes with travel-minded people will take to the air during the summer of 2021? That is the pressing question after the recent 16-month lull in the travel business.

Doctors and hospitals to tourists: We are ready

COVID-19 has been hard on the public healthcare systems – as well as on holiday destinations. However, the SOS International network of medical suppliers abroad assure us that tourists can be confident that they will be able to see a doctor or go to hospital in the event that they fall sick or are injured during their holiday this summer.

SOS International is growing within health insurance

Measured on customers, employees and network of treatment providers, SOS International Healthcare is becoming an increasingly significant player – especially in the Swedish market.

How to travel safely and securely in Greece

Greece is a popular summer destination for Nordic travellers, and data from SOS International's alarm centre shows that over a number of years the country has been among the top countries from which most claims are filed. We have gathered travel advice for you and your family's safety in Greece.

How to travel safely and securely in Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination for Nordic travellers. We have gathered some good advice for travellers' safety in Turkey. Travel advice Turkey.

Is seeing a psychologist ”worth it”?

Therapy sessions with a psychologist are not merely about soft values. SOS International uses hard data to ensure their customers and clients the highest quality of psychological therapy.

How to travel safely and securely in Spain

Are you going to Spain this summer? How do you travel safely and securely whether you are going on business or for pleasure with your family? We have gathered some piece of good advice here.

SOS International: Helping people since 1961

SOS International was established in 1961 as a limited company with a few owners.

Your roadside assistance arrives on bicycle

Copenhagen motorists need to get used to a new phenomenon: In future, the SOS Dansk Autohjælp roadside assistance may arrive on an electric bicycle.

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