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Quick tests at Billund Airport provide faster results for business travellers

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On 6 November, SOS International opens a test clinic at Billund Airport. Both private individuals and business travellers can pay for a COVID-19 antigen test that provides a result in 15 minutes.

SOS International opens COVID-19 test clinic at Aalborg Airport

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Outside Aalborg Airport, private individuals and businesses can now pay a fee and let themselves be tested for COVID-19 and receive a result in 15 minutes.

COVID-19: New test clinic opens today

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From today, residents in and around the capital can book an appointment at SOS International’s new test clinic. Medical staff at the clinic perform a quick test that in 15 minutes provides an answer as to whether you have COVID-19.

SOS International offers quick test for COVID-19

Quick and accurate testing is a crucial tool in combating COVID-19. SOS International will now enter the test market and offer a quick test, providing an answer within 15 minutes.

Growing healthcare services: Medical advice on behalf of Gjensidige

SOS International continues its rapid growth in Healthcare. From September, in addition to psychology and physiotherapy treatments, SOS International also delivers medical advice on behalf of Gjensidige in Sweden.

Around-the-clock claims handling

SOS International has joined its claims handling department with its alarm centre for travel assistance. This merger provides an improved flow in the customer journey and means, amongst others, that case management is started and completed in the same department.

Using a time of crisis on top-tuning travel assistance

COVID-19 has prevented travel plans and dreams for the immediate future. SOS International is ready to provide even better customer service and travel assistance when travel activity returns to its normal level.

COVID-19: What are the future prospects of travel assistance?

While setting out the 2021 budgets, one question is repeated within the travel and insurance industry: What are the future prospects of travel activity and travel assistance for the next year?

Order roadside assistance digitally with a few clicks

SOS International now offers a solution to its Danish insurance and mobility customers which allows the end-users to digitally order roadside assistance. Through GPS location and a few easy clicks, the distressed motorist can request roadside assistance quickly and accurately.

Avoid exercise injuries after the corona break

To avoid injuries, you must start up carefully when picking up exercising after a longer break. Here is the physiotherapist’s good advice.

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