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CSR: A vital part of running a sustainable business


Since 2017, SOS International has been participating in the UN Global Compact and for the second year in a row we have developed a Communication on progress (COP) report which gives an account of our efforts in our three CSR focus areas: People & Health, Climate & Environment and Ethics & Security.



SOS International has published its annual results for 2018


What type of society are we expected to service in the future? What are the needs of future customers and end-users and how do they think and act? These questions are the core of our Connected 2020 strategy and they have been the point of orientation in our work during 2018.

Brexit: What may the consequences be for Nordic travellers?


The plan is that Britain will leave the EU on 29 March 2019 and negotiations are ongoing between Britain and the other EU member states on an agreement for future collaboration. Regardless of the outcome, Britain’s decision to leave the EU will impact the remaining EU member states significantly and it may also influence travellers to and from Britain.

Highest number of injuries in Thailand in week 52


The period from December to March is the high season for travel to Thailand, which is also clearly visible in the figures presented by SOS International’s alarm centre for travel assistance.

More tools in the battle against stress


SOS International has initiated a pilot project, in which members of a team of psychologists test Virtual Reality (VR) in anti-stress therapy as a supplement to the traditional psychological treatment at SOS International.

Ski: Week 7 is the top scorer again this year


The skiing season is going full steam ahead and, since December, the alarm centre for travel assistance has received enquiries from close to 1200 Nordic travellers who have injured themselves skiing.

Warning against fake anti-rabies vaccine in the Philippines


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned against a counterfeit antirabies vaccine circulating in the Philippines right now.

SOS International: Be careful when relying on the blue European Health Insurance Card in Spain


Press release
In recent years, in a number of Spanish cases, SOS International has received bills from public sector hospitals in relation to hospital treatment provided to Scandinavian travellers, notwithstanding the fact that they had or, with the assistance of SOS International, were successful in acquiring the blue European Health Insurance Card.

Thailand: The high season got off to a stormy start


Thailand is a popular travel destination for Nordic travellers and every year when the cold weather reaches the Nordic countries, a large number of Scandinavians travel to Thailand. This is also reflected in the statistics on injuries maintained by SOS International. 

Skiing holiday without injuries: Good advice for your skiing holiday


Going on a skiing holiday soon? Then remember that, when skiing, you expose your body to a greater physical strain than during a regular day at the office or at school. Below, the SOS International physiotherapists provide you with good advice on how to prepare for a skiing holiday without injuries.

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