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Good advice for your working environment at home

Many of us work from home at the moment. It is important that we still remember to create the best possible working environment in this unusual situation.

SOS International’s alarm centre: Peak load at the weekend

Press release

SOS International’s alarm centre, which assists Nordic travellers abroad 24 hours a day, experienced a 350-percent increase in the number of telephone calls this weekend.

COVID-19: This worries Nordic travellers

Since late January, the SOS International alarm centre has registered more than 1000 enquiries from Nordic travellers on the issue of coronavirus. This number has increased dramatically in the past week. One-third of enquiries have concerned symptoms or the fear of infection.

SOS International uses unbiased recruitment

In the past year, the Stockholm office of SOS International has relied on unbiased recruitment in order to find the right competences for its alarm centre.

”I would like to challenge perfectionism”

Søren Kofoed Weeke has been the CIO of SOS International since November last year. Thus, his first 100 days have passed. Learn why Søren Kofoed Weeke accepted the position – and why he believes that SOS International needs to dare to be slightly less nice.

Ski season 2019/2020

There has not been much snow in the Nordic countries this Winter, yet many Scandinavians have had snow beneath their feet these last three months anyway. Several of them ended up needing our help.

Screen work is hazardous to our health

Sedentary work has become one of society’s major health hazards. However, by taking only a few measures, we can avoid sustaining injuries from our sedentary work, says the SOS International physiotherapist.

COVID-19: Update on SOS International’s State of Preparedness

In order to reduce the risk of infection among employees, SOS International raised its state of preparedness last week based on the recent development of COVID-19, which reached the Nordic countries.

COVID-19: SOS International raises its State of Preparedness

In order to reduce the risk of infection among employees, SOS International raises its state of preparedness. This is based on the recent development of COVID-19, which has now reached the Nordic countries.


Since late December there have been an increasing number of cases of viral pneumonia caused by infection with the new coronavirus. The situation is constantly developing and the SOS International alarm centre has registered close to 200 cases related to COVID-19 at this point in time.

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