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Travelcare 2019: The next level

SOS International is Nordic market leader within medical and travel assistance and the Travelcare division had an annual revenue of DKK 1,737 million. In 2019, more than 180,000 cases were handled within this division, including pre-departure services, acute cases from Nordic travellers handled by the alarm centre as well as claims handling.

SOS International has published its annual results for 2019

As for the past years, the assistance industry was – also in 2019 - characterised by a strong competition as well as increased customer demands in terms of price, user experience, digital services and compliance. Despite these circumstances, SOS International has grown its overall Nordic market share within the market for outsourcing of assistance service, and add to this, a concurrent high level of customer and end-user satisfaction.

SOS International Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainable and responsible business practice has been a part of our business conduct for several years. In 2017, SOS International joined the UN Global Compact, hereby committing to report our progress on implementing the 10 principles in our strategy and operations.

Corona pandemic: We can emerge stronger

It is possible to emerge stronger from a pandemic such as the current corona virus, says psychologist with SOS International.

Spain closes all hotels

SOS International encourages family members of Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns admitted to hospitals in Spain to return home.

Corona virus delays the repatriation of sick Scandinavians

Press release

SOS International increasingly experiences challenges in the repatriation of sick and injured Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns.

Good advice for your working environment at home

Many of us work from home at the moment. It is important that we still remember to create the best possible working environment in this unusual situation.

SOS International’s alarm centre: Peak load at the weekend

Press release

SOS International’s alarm centre, which assists Nordic travellers abroad 24 hours a day, experienced a 350-percent increase in the number of telephone calls this weekend.

COVID-19: This worries Nordic travellers

Since late January, the SOS International alarm centre has registered more than 1000 enquiries from Nordic travellers on the issue of coronavirus. This number has increased dramatically in the past week. One-third of enquiries have concerned symptoms or the fear of infection.

SOS International uses unbiased recruitment

In the past year, the Stockholm office of SOS International has relied on unbiased recruitment in order to find the right competences for its alarm centre.

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