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The summer high season has started

Summer has arrived in the Nordic countries and, before long, schools will close down for the annual summer holiday. However, the SOS International alarm centre for travel assistance already buzzes with summer holiday atmosphere as our high season started already early June.

Insights: Summer peak season for travelling abroad

In a minute, the calendar will flip to June, and this marks the start of SOS International’s summer high travel season.

Avoid stress during your holiday: This is how to gradually scale back

Take the psychologist’s advice on how to scale back from 100 to zero kilometres an hour.

SOS International: All roadside assistance workers must have safety training in electric cars

There are more and more electric and hybrid cars on the road. As part of a new Nordic initiative, SOS International trains roadside assistance workers in how to handle electric vehicles safely.

Insights: Self-drive holidays and roadside assistance abroad

The summer means self-drive holidays and the summer holiday is the busiest period of the year for SOS International – amongst others due to the many motorists who experience their car break down abroad.

Below you find a selection of facts and information on roadside assistance abroad from SOS International.

End-to-End Healthcare solutions

With the ambition to deliver full service healthcare services to our customers and a clear focus on “first-time-right” solutions, SOS International launched a new project in the beginning of 2019.

Electric cars and self-drive holidays abroad

More and more drivers choose to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric and hybrid cars. With this summer's self-drive holidays just around the corner, it is important to think about how to enjoy a safe and secure self-drive holiday in your electric vehicle since going abroad in your electric car requires good planning.

How to travel safely and securely in Spain

Are you going to Spain this summer? How do you travel safely and securely whether you are going on business or for pleasure with your family? We have gathered some piece of good advice here.

How to travel safely and securely in Greece

Greece is a popular summer destination for Nordic travellers, and data from SOS International's alarm centre shows that over a number of years the country has been among the top countries from which most claims are filed.

We have gathered some pieces of good advice for you and your family's safety in Greece.

How to travel safely and securely in Turkey

We have gathered some good advice for travellers' safety in Turkey.

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