Sustainability in SOS International

Ethical business that makes a positive impact on society and helps people is at the core of SOS International’s DNA.

In 2023 we conducted our first double materiality assessment to understand which sustainability topics are material to us both from an impact perspective and a financial perspective.

In our annual Sustainability Report you can read more about how we work with our sustainability impacts, risks, and opportunities.

Read the latest Sustainability Report

Publications from previous years

Double Materiality

A 360-degree understanding of SOS International’s impact on people and the climate, and how sustainability impacts our business.

To ensure that we consistently consider our environmental and social impacts as well as the financial risks and opportunities we face, we will conduct a double materiality assessment annually, making sure that changes in our business or surroundings are reflected in the material topics that guide our sustainability commitments.

Through a double materiality assessment, we have identified 10 sustainability topics as material for SOS International:



  • Greenhouse gas
  • Climate change adaption (i.e., readiness for extreme weather)




  • Employee working conditions incl. health & safety
  • Employee diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Talent development


  • End-user experience incl. quality of care and safety
  • End-user privacy and data security
  • Prevention and early intervention



  • Supplier behaviour incl. human rights and business ethics
  • Anti-corruption and fair competition

We support the global movement of sustainable business practices


SOS International supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we have identified six key areas important to our business.

We support the global movement of sustainable business practices. That is why we have been supporting the UN Global Compact since 2017 and work on continuously aligning our business conduct with the 10 universal principles of the UN Global Compact.

Read our “Letter of Commitment” here 
Read more about UN Global Compact here

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