SOS International Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainable and responsible business practice has been a part of our business conduct for several years. In 2017, SOS International joined the UN Global Compact, hereby committing to report our progress on implementing the 10 principles in our strategy and operations.

SOS International have further selected six SDGs where we believe we can have the greatest impact, and which will direct our continual strive to conduct responsible and sustainable business practice.

This is our Sustainability Report where we account for our continual improvement of our three sustainability focus areas

1) People & Health

2) Climate & Environment and

3) Ethics & Security.

The report includes our communication on progress to the UN Global Compact as well as our mandatory reporting in accordance with article 99a and 99b of the Danish Financial Statements Act. The report complements our Annual Report which covers our financial performance.

In 2020, I expect a continued focus on our agile digital transformation that enables our employees to do more of what they do good – helping people on behalf of our customers. The foundation of our position as a trusted assistance partner is built upon safeguarding the knowledge and competencies of our employees and evolving the relationships with our suppliers all around the world.

We believe the agile transformation will contribute to further strengthen our position as the most trusted assistance partner. We believe that acting as a responsible organisation is the right thing to do and a coherent effort will ensure a sustainable development in line with our business.

Read the full report here

Niels Krag Printz

CEO, SOS International

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